TikTok Marketing for Real Estate Agents: A Beginner's Guide

TikTok Marketing for Real Estate Agents: A Beginner's Guide

In a recent Zillow study, almost 36% of respondents said they'd be willing to make an entirely online purchase of a home they'd never seen in person.

Having an online presence is a growing trend and real estate agents need to be on board and get ahead of the competition with their marketing approach. 

TikTok, the newest platform that has captured the world’s attention, gives you the power to create valuable content and reach a wide audience easily. Understanding how to use TikTok marketing effectively for real estate will demonstrate to your clients that have a competitive edge. 

Why TikTok for Real Estate Agents Works

By the end of 2022, TikTok is expected to reach 1.5 billion active users. This rise in popularity makes the app essential for real estate agents to include in their social media marketing plan. 

So, why does TikTok for real estate work? TikTok’s usability is what gives it a competitive advantage. The active users combined with the nature of the app’s “For You” page makes it a lucrative component in any real estate marketing strategy. 

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, TikTok is not only focused on people you already know. The TikTok user experience is based around the “For You” page, where the app compiles videos you’re likely to enjoy based on your past activity. This format makes it more likely for you to attract new viewers and grow your audience without spending on advertising. 

You can easily produce lead-generating content in minutes while applying your expert knowledge in real estate, which will establish you as the local real estate expert.

TikTok for Real Estate Agents Tips 

When you’re a beginner to any social media platform, you will need to apply the best practices to your content. Here are helpful tips on using TikTok marketing for real estate agents. 

Determine Your Target Audience

As the first step in your marketing strategy, your target demographic and niche should be narrowed down, as it should be with all your luxury real estate marketing initiatives.

Your target audience depends on your location, ideal client, and career goals. 

To create valuable content: 

  1. Identify the ideal client within your niche 
  2. List what problems and concerns you could help them solve 
  3. Create content that specifically addresses those topics 

Adapt Your Real Estate Video Content 

You don't have to create all your new TikTok content from zero. You may easily edit your existing videos to fit on TikTok if you've already produced any kind of video material for other social media channels. 

Videos on TikTok can last up to three minutes, but those that are 15 seconds or shorter get 90% of the views.

Keep Up with Trends

You can follow various real estate TikTok trends, from giving real estate advice to uncovering secret rooms. While it's always a good idea to have many of your videos be as original as possible, occasionally applying trending content has several advantages.

People generally find a topic intriguing when it is trending. Following trends when making content also boosts your chance of appearing on someone's "For You" page. The algorithm displays this content to users if they have previously shown interest in it.

Use Hashtags 

Using hashtags allows you to organize your posts and teach algorithms what your content is about. Users can click on hashtags and will then be redirected to a list of posts that use that hashtag. This makes it crucial to use relevant hashtags that fit your content.

To begin, search up popular real estate hashtags or see which ones are being used by top competitors.

Add Text and Captions

Sometimes, users viewing content from their phones scroll through it without turning on the sound. If this happens and you don’t have captions, the viewer may just skip through your content. Videos containing captions help keep your content engaging without the need of having the sound turned on, and it also makes your videos accessible for those with impaired hearing. 

Text can also be used to add layers of meaning and get your message across while playing popular music in the background. 

Adding sound, especially trending music, to your TikTok will increase its chances of being viewed. Find a way to relate real estate to trending sounds and use text on top of the video to show your audience how the trend is relevant. 

Be Consistent

Consistency in posting is important for TikTok success. According to the "Golden Rule" of TikTok, you should publish at least once per day to keep your followers engaged and up to three times per day if you're a beginner growing a following. Feel free to add more TikTok real estate videos, if necessary, such as to launch a new listing.

Adding this amount to an already hectic real estate routine may feel overwhelming. However, remember that TikTok is made for short videos, and you can quickly create a 15-second clip with the in-app editing tool. If you want to generate lots of content at once and schedule it to post later, several TikTok planners are also available. 

Real Estate TikTok Ideas

To use TikTok effectively, you must produce short-form video content that engages viewers. Some real estate TikTok ideas are:

  • Q&A sessions 
  • Latest real estate TikTok trends of the local property market 
  • Real estate tips and tricks
  • Property tours
  • Information about prepping a house to be sold
  • Do’s and don’ts in the industry
  • Educational videos about real estate processes and common mistakes 
  • Creating a series of videos or doing the same trend multiple times with small changes 
  • Advice on how to become a real estate agent

Additionally, TikTok content opens the door for authenticity and personality, which in turn, helps new viewers feel connected to you. Therefore, don’t forget to be yourself and let your personality shine when making TikTok content!

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Written and Published by: VanEd

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