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In order to become a licensed real estate agent, salesperson, or real estate broker, you must first complete the required education approved by a State Real Estate Commission.

With over 15,000 pre-licensing students since 1997, VanEd is one of the most trusted schools in the country offering online real estate classes. The cost of our pre-license courses is very competitive and represent a significant savings compared to brick and mortar classroom schools.

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Meet Steve, a young professional who recently decided he wanted to go back to school to kick start a new career path for himself.

After spending years hopping from job to job, Steve's entrepreneurial spirit instilled in him a desire to be his own boss. On top of that, he desired job security in a career that would help him build a future for himself and his family. So naturally, Steve turned to the real estate industry. However, Steve, like many others, quickly realized that the traditional means of obtaining his real estate license, that being textbooks and classroom courses were expensive and inconvenient.

Luckily, Steve discovered VanEd, an online real estate school that helped tear down the industry's barriers to entry by offering affordable curriculum that could be completed anywhere and anytime. Instead of worrying about finding time in his busy schedule to attend the class. Steve was able to study for his real estate exams from the comfort of his home and whenever he had questions he could count on VanEd's responsive customer service team and catalogue of educational resources to assist him.

Fast forward to today and Steve has a rewarding career in real estate which allows him to work hard instead of spending time worrying about his future.

Are you ready to start your new career in real estate or are curious about how to get a real estate license, head over to or give us a call at one 1-800-455-8348

How to Get a Real Estate License Online

Follow these 3 easy steps to become a licensed real estate agent.

Complete the Required Pre-License Courses

1. Complete the Pre-License Courses

Each state's real estate commission requires pre-license education in order for prospective agents to get a license. The best thing about our programs are that each fulfills state credit-hour requirements and can be completed anywhere, anytime.

Pass the Real Estate Exam

2. Pass the Exam

The exams may seem intimidating, but after passing our accredited real estate school course quizzes and exams and purchasing our online exam prep, you will feel confident and prepared to pass each test.

Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent

3. Become a Real Estate Agent

Don't be afraid to ask our instructors about the industry or what to expect in your career. After you are licensed, come back, and we can help fulfill your continuing education requirements.

Learn more about the steps to get a real estate license.

What Are the Benefits of a Career in Real Estate?

At VanEd, we are excited about the opportunities available to new real estate agents, and we think you will find the career exciting and challenging. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a real estate career.

8 Reasons to Become a Real Estate Agent

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