Closing Gifts for Buyers for 2024

Closing Gifts for Buyers for 2024

Buying a house is arguably one of the largest financial decisions someone will ever make. As a real estate agent, expressing gratitude and leaving a lasting impression with a thoughtful closing gift is a meaningful way to celebrate this huge milestone with your client. In this guide, we'll explore a curated selection of closing gifts that buyers are sure to love, creating a positive and memorable experience as they step into their new home.

What Are the Best Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas?

Finding your buyer a closing gift can be challenging. Without putting thought into closing gift ideas for each buyer, many real estate agents choose to give their buyer something impersonal like a gift card. It is worth putting thought into your closing gift and giving your buyer something they will cherish.

The closing gift you give to a client is one of the most important interactions you have with them. A closing gift tells your client a lot about your time together. A closing gift tells your client:

  • You took the time to get to know them
  • You care about them and their new home
  • You are worth referring to their friends
  • You want to work with them in the future

Most importantly, this is the last interaction you may have with your client for a while. Make sure you make a lasting impression by giving them something meaningful.

Instead of opting for a gift card, like so many other real estate agents, choose a closing gift that is more personal. Find an object that the client will keep and use or see often. Each time the client looks at that object, they will think of you.

Closing gift ideas vary for people in different stages of their life. A single person closing their starting home may appreciate a closing gift very different from a growing family expanding their living space.

What Makes a Good Gift?

When choosing a gift, it is crucial to think about who is receiving the gift. Some things to consider:


Age plays a role in what kind of gift to give someone. If you want to gift someone an activity, an older adult may not want something that requires too much physical activity. A young person may not want something slow-paced.


Listen to your client when they tell you about their life. Someone may say they want to move close to town to book more gigs for their band. Someone else may say they want to move to the mountains to have more rock climbing opportunities. Finding gifts for people with special interests shows you listened to their needs and value their individuality.


Does your client have children? A gift for a client with children should involve the whole family. A client with young children may appreciate childproofing equipment as a gift. A client with older children will enjoy a game night bundle that lets the family spend time together.


A client moving to a smaller space downtown has different needs than a client looking for a roomy country location. Consider the size of the gift and what may match their new home’s scenery.


Give a client something that matches their personality. A more serious client may appreciate a low-key gift like a monogrammed blanket. A humorous client may enjoy a funny, personalized welcome sign.

What If My Client Already Owns the Item I Want to Gift to Them?

There is no way of knowing if your client already has an item you think is the perfect gift. Have a backup plan with alternative gift options. Being prepared with a few choices allows you to pivot seamlessly if the client mentions already owning the intended item. This flexibility ensures that the gift remains thoughtful and tailored to their preferences.

How Much Do I Spend on a Closing Gift?

There’s no hard and fast rule over how much agents should spend on a closing gift for a client. It can vary based on many different factors. For example, the value of the property might influence the amount you spend on a closing gift. In some cases, agents may allocate a percentage of their commission towards the gift. For higher-value properties, a more substantial closing gift may be appropriate. Be sure to evaluate your budget to ensure that your gift aligns with your financial capacity. It's crucial to strike a balance between a meaningful gift and financial responsibility.

Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

1. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

This device alone is helpful for anyone. It plays music, answers questions, and keeps track of timers and schedules. 

2. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Great music sets a great mood. Buy a client a high-quality Bluetooth speaker for them to listen to their music and podcasts in their new home.

3. Personalized Painting

Personalized Painting

There are many local artists and artists on Etsy and Amazon that create custom art. This personalized gift is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and will be used in the home as decoration.

4. Robot Vacuum


Who wouldn’t love to come home to a clean home? These little vacuums are powerful and do a great job keeping floors clean.

5. Doorbell Camera

Ring Video Doorbell

Give your client the gift of safety and security with a doorbell that doubles as a security camera. Some popular brands include Ring or Blink.

6. Subscription Boxes

Allure Beauty Box


Plant Box

Buying your client one year of a subscription box is a great way to gift them a new surprise every few months. From beauty products to toys for your pet, there’s sure to be a box for every client.

7. Yard Games

Corn Hole

Let your clients enjoy their new yard by introducing them to some popular yard games. Some common games include cornhole, giant Jenga, or ring toss.

8. A Local Experience

Local Experience

Gift your client a local experience to allow them to get to know their community better. Some ideas include wine tastings, concert tickets, or a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

9. At-Home Cooking Classes

At-Home Cooking Classes

Help your client become acquainted with their new kitchen by giving them a virtual cooking class. Many companies offer this experience so your client can create their first dish in their new home.

10. Tags for Pets with the New Address

Dog Tags

If your client is a devoted pet parent, this gift is both thoughtful and essential.

11. Custom Welcome Sign

Custom welcome sign

Your client will love a sign made just for them at their new home.

12. Fancy Letter Sign

Fancy Letter Sign

What better way to make their mark on their new home than with their family name?

13. Household Toolset


Did your client purchase a fixer-upper? This toolset is a great gift idea!

13. Personalized Address Stamp

Personalized Address Stamp

This is an elegant and thoughtful gift for any new homeowner. Your client will be the one sending you a holiday card.

14. Monogrammed Blanket

Monogrammed Blanket

A cozy and personalized gift that anyone would love.

15. Local Business Basket

Gather goodies and business cards from nearby family-owned businesses as a gift to the new homeowners. This will allow them to get to know the neighborhood a bit better.

16. Game Night Basket

Game Night Basket

Encourage family time by gifting a family game night. Give the family a few board games and snacks to enjoy a fun evening.

17. Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream Maker

A great gift for anyone. You can make a lot more than ice cream in one of these machines.

18. Air Fryer

These trending machines are quickly becoming a kitchen staple.

Air Fryer

19. A Tree

Giving your buyer a tree is a sustainable, thoughtful gift that provides years of beauty and enjoyment.

20. Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime

Every buyer needs new items for their home. Gifting a membership gives free 2-day shipping and extra perks.

21. Personalized Bourbon Barrel

Personalized Bourbon Barrel

This gift ages well and will please any bourbon fan.

22. Artist Rendition of the Family

Commission a local artist to make a unique family portrait. This will remain in your client’s home as a treasured art piece.

23. Framed Artist Rendition of the New Home

Artist Rendition of Home

Have an artist turn your client’s home into a work of art.

24. Espresso Maker

Espresso Maker

A fantastic gift for any coffee drinker.

25. Gardening Kit

Gardeing Kit

This gift gives your clients all the tools they need to turn their new yard into a sanctuary.

26. Luxury Spa Kit

Spa Kit

A thoughtful gift for the self-care client.

27. Electric Drill

Electric Drill

This kit includes everything a client needs for simple home repairs.

28. Simple Home Repair Service

If some work needs to be done on a new home, this thoughtful gift gives your client a head start.

29. Movie Night Pack

Movie Night Pack

Help your client create a fun family movie night by sending them this fun movie night kit packed with snacks.

30. Mixology Kit

Mixology Kit

This is a cheeky gift for a client who enjoys mixing their own drinks.

31. Security Camera

Security Camera

Help your client feel safe and secure in their new home by giving them a security camera.

32. Culinary knives

Culinary Knives

This gift is for the chef in their new kitchen.

33. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Culinary Knives

A functional gift that makes delicious sandwiches.

34. Sustainable Home Care Kit

Home Care Kit

To promote a greener world, consider gifting your client a sustainable home kit.

35. Goodies from a Local Bakery with Gift Card

Who doesn’t love treats? Give your client a delicious snack and give a local business some love by including a gift card.

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Finding the perfect closing gift is an opportunity to solidify your relationship with your client and ensure a positive ending to your real estate journey together. By choosing a thoughtful and personalized present, you demonstrate your appreciation, understanding, and commitment to their well-being. Remember, it's not about the price tag, but about the message your gift conveys.

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