How Many Times Can You Take the Real Estate Exam?

How Many Times Can You Take the Real Estate Exam?

Taking the real estate exam may be stressful for many test-takers. It is especially worrying if you do not know how many times you can take the real estate exam.

Many hopeful licensees may put excess pressure on themselves to pass the real estate license test the first time. However, it is common not to pass the real estate licensing exam on the first attempt.

This post goes over how many times you can take the exam and the specific exceptions in various states.

How Many Times Can You Take The Real Estate Exam?

The good news about real estate licensing exams is that you can take them as many times as you need to pass, except in a few states.

Most students pass the real estate exam before their third attempt. However, if you need more tries, you can usually schedule another with your state's exam test provider.

It is important to note that each state has different regulations and rules around retaking exams! You should research the specific regulations for your state by visiting your state's real estate commission website. Unless you are getting your license in one of the states listed in the section below, you have virtually unlimited attempts at the real estate exam.

It is also important to remember that you will need to pay the exam fee every time you retake the exam.

Which States Have Limited Exam Attempts?

While most states allow you to retake the exam until you pass, some states limit your attempts to pass the real estate licensure exam. Each state has different rules for exceeding these attempts without passing. Many states require the hopeful licensee to go through real estate school again.

The following states have a limit on licensing exam attempts:

State Retake Attempts Allowed State Real Estate Commission Website
Mississippi 2 Attempts Allowed Mississippi Real Estate Commission
Tennessee 2 Attempts Allowed Tennessee Real Estate Commission
West Virginia 2 Attempts Allowed West Virginia Real Estate Commission
Delaware 3 Attempts Allowed Delaware Real Estate Commission
Nebraska 3 Attempts Allowed Nebraska Real Estate Commission
Texas 3 Attempts Allowed Texas Real Estate Commission
New Hampshire 8 Attempts Allowed New Hampshire Real Estate Commission

If you do not live in one of these states, you can rest assured that you have as many exam attempts as you need to pass.

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What to Do If You Fail Your Real Estate Exam?

Many people do not pass the real estate licensing exam on their first attempt. Although it may be tempting to take another exam on the next available date, you may want to take a moment and study.

After failing a real estate exam, the best thing to do is to go back to your course material. You are now familiar with the exam and the types of questions you struggle with. Focus on areas that you struggled on.

Being familiar with the exam gives you a huge advantage when going into the next exam. You better understand how the questions are worded and where you need to focus for the next exam.

The most effective study tool is an exam prep course. There are state-specific and national exam sections in many exam prep courses. These exam prep courses further familiarize you with the exam structure and help you know where you need to study.

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