A new course is available online ~ Colorado Listing Contracts

By VanEd | October 15, 2015

Colorado Listing Contracts #4175 is now available online in Colorado! 

VanEd is proud to be the home to the Listing Contracts course - which is one of a series of courses that are designed to help both new and experienced agents help their clients and customers understand current issues in real estate, including:

This course will also cover how and when to use addendums, as well as the importance of the Sellers Property Disclosure forms.  >>> Click Here for more information!

Note:  All contracts used in this course are the current Colorado Real Estate Commission approved contracts.

The purpose of this course is to keep real estate professionals up to date with current contracts, disclosures and forms. The goal of this Colorado Contracts course is to give the student a working in-depth knowledge of the Colorado Real Estate Commission approved contracts.


After you complete this course you will be able to:

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