How to Interview the brokerage when starting as a real estate professional

By VanEd | September 18, 2012

Dear VanEd: I am just about to finish my real estate pre-licensing course online and wanted to know if you have any tips on how to decide where I am going to hang my real estate license? There are lots of companies out there! -- Glen M.

You are right, Glen, there are a ton of companies, many business models and an almost overwhelming number of ideas on what an Employing or Managing Broker should do for new real estate licensees. Don't even get us started on best practices! And while we have some considerations that you may want to take into account, remember that your license is a commodity and you should be interviewing the brokerage firm and managing broker as much as they are interviewing you!

Start by interviewing with at least three firms in your area, even if you think you already know where you are going to start your new career. This will give you ideas on commission rates, splits and current licensing fees as well as how the firm can help you get started. We suggest to new brokers that the following items should be considered when considering hanging their brand new real estate license at any brokerage. Employing/Managing brokers should be prepared to answer questions on these topics:

Don't exclude any question - remember, take charge of your interview and you will find the perfect fit when selecting a company to start your new career with.

Wondering what to do in the first few weeks? Go through the "Getting Started and Staying on Track" professional development course online. All VanEd pre-license students are given this course for free so that they can get off on the right foot! It's online in your new CE Account so you can see exactly what steps need to be taken in the first five weeks as a real estate professional.

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