Getting Started and Staying on Track

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Getting Started consists of four sections. Sections One and Two are daily guides to your first weeks as a licensed real estate agent. Starting with your very first day on the job, you will have "assignments" to complete, in the order in which you should attack them. These assignments are designed to help you hit the ground running while keeping your enthusiasm and motivation high, and completing the tasks necessary to bring in a paycheck as quickly as possible.

Section Three is an in-depth look at all of the "firsts" of a real estate career, including your first open house, your first buyer, your first listing appointment, even your first vacation!

Section Four discusses various topics surely to be of interest to all rookie real estate agents, such as whether or not to work from home, managing your finances and setting specific goals.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course students will understand and be able to:

Jennifer Allan is the author of Sell With Soul and your guide throughout this course.

The course is a Professional Development course and is not available for CE credit. It contains numerous homework assignments and interactive exercises, and is completed with a multiple-choice final exam.

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