Get Familiar with 2020 Real Estate Contracts and Forms

Get Familiar with 2020 Real Estate Contracts and Forms

Colorado Brokers, 2020 brings you more than just a new year, as you’ll be seeing real estate contract changes too!

VanEd’s 2020 Contracts and Forms Review course is a great place to start in order to get all the information you need, plus three (3) hours of elective CE credit (course number #10607).  This course is available online now and you can sign up anytime and complete it entirely at your own pace.

2019 had its fair share of changes, which are also reviewed in the 2020 Contracts and Forms Review course, including the new PPA (Personal Property Agreement), the replacement Licensee Buy-Out Addendum to the CBS (Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate), and the CBS changes to Section 13 “Transfer of Title” which allows parties to select one of the four deed forms—and defaults to a Special Warranty Deed if none is selected. 

Ready to Define 'Transaction Brokerage' without Hesitation?

Broker relationship concepts are something brokers and consumers have struggled with for a long time.  Accordingly and along with changes to the existing rules in 2020, all of the Brokerage Disclosures are updated (Brokerage Disclosure to Buyer, Seller, Landlord, and Tenant).  In addition, each of the Listing Contracts (Exclusive Right-To-Sell, Right-to-Lease, Right-To-Buy, and Tenant Listing Contract) have notable revisions, too.  Closing Instructions which were revised in July are also reviewed in this current course.

It's important to note that in addition to contact changes for 2020, the Real Estate Manual has undergone an enormous number of changes.  All of our real estate laws and rules have been re-organized, re-indexed, and re-formatted into nine (9) chapters in the 2020 Colorado Real Estate Manual (CREM).  When it is available, the new manual can be ordered via LexisNexis (contact info available on the CREC’s website).

Enroll in our CE Contracts course to learn about the changes today!

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