Real Estate Career Quiz: Should I Become a Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate Career Quiz: Should I Become a Real Estate Agent?

If you're on the fence about becoming a real estate agent, you might have a lot of questions. Should I go into the real estate field? Would I be a good real estate agent? Becoming a real estate professional can be a lucrative and rewarding career. You can help people find the home of their dreams while reaching their financial goals with unlimited income potential. But the industry isn't for everyone.

Take our real estate career quiz to find out if becoming an agent is the best career path for you. Once you finish the quiz, we'll go over the correct answers and explain the reasoning.  

Real Estate Career Quiz

Which of the following best describes your organizational skills?

  1. I always know where my things are
  2. I know where my things are most of the time
  3. I know where my things are some of the time
  4. I never know where my things are

How well would you say you read important documents before signing?

  1. I don't ever read documents
  2. I skim through documents
  3. I read them somewhat closely
  4. I read them very closely

You have been offered a job with a salary of $50,000. You have conducted your own research on similar positions in your area and have discovered the starting salary should be closer to $75,000. Because of this, you tell the interviewer:

  1. You are happy with the salary and immediately accept the offer
  2. You need to take the night to think about the offer
  3. Tell the interviewer your research, and ask if they can compromise at $60,000
  4. You're outraged at the salary and refuse the offer

How do you feel about learning?

  1. I love learning
  2. I like learning
  3. I feel neutral about learning
  4. I hate learning

Which of the following best describes your people skills?

  1. I hate meeting new people
  2. Meeting new people gives me anxiety
  3. Meeting new people is okay
  4. I love meeting new people

Someone ahead of you in a parking lot drops a $100 bill. What do you do?

  1. Leave it on the ground
  2. Pick it up and get their attention to give it back to them
  3. Pick it up and donate it to a charity
  4. Keep it and spend it for yourself

How do you handle unexpected problems at work?

  1. I am able to handle unexpected problems easily
  2. I don't handle unexpected problems very well
  3. I panic when unexpected problems arise
  4. I ignore unexpected problems at work

How would people who know you describe your personality?

  1. Anxious and shy
  2. Upbeat and optimistic
  3. Lazy and uninformed
  4. Argumentative and rude

Your boss has the day off. How do you spend your day at work?

  1. I do my work like every other day
  2. I do my work but more slowly and take more breaks
  3. I ignore most of my tasks
  4. I goof off at work

How often would you say you meet your deadlines?

  1. I never meet my deadlines
  2. Sometimes I meet my deadlines
  3. I meet my deadlines most of the time
  4. I always meet my deadlines

Your manager asks you to get trained with a new software system. How well do you handle this task?

  1. You can learn new software very easily
  2. You can learn new software somewhat easily
  3. Learning new software is hard
  4. You refuse to learn new software

You ask your manager to look over some of your work for feedback. They give it back to you with some helpful suggestions. What would you do in this situation?

  1. Thank them and take the suggestions into consideration
  2. Tell them their suggestions are wrong
  3. Ignore their suggestions
  4. Give their work unsolicited suggestions

Real Estate Career Quiz Answer Key

A – "I always know where my things are"

Being organized is crucial to being a real estate agent. You might be working with multiple properties and clients, and having everything you need, where you need it, can make your job a lot easier.

D – "I read them very closely"

There are a lot of important documents that go into a real estate transaction. From contracts to appraisals and home inspections, you need to be sure you're reading everything from beginning to end to relay that information to your clients.

C – "Tell the interviewer your research, and ask if they can compromise at $60,000"

Successful real estate agents are great negotiators whose goal is to get their buyer or seller the best deal they possibly can. If haggling makes you uncomfortable or angry, you might need to brush up on your negotiation skills before becoming a real estate agent. 

A – "I love learning"

Your educational journey as a real estate agent doesn't stop at your pre-licensing course. In order to maintain or renew your license, you'll have to take continuing education courses. Being an agent also means staying educated on market trends, the industry, and more. Having a positive attitude about learning can help you in your real estate career.

D – "I love meeting new people"

From clients to professionals such as lenders, appraisers, contractors, and home inspectors, being a real estate agent is all about networking and building relationships. If you're not a people person or hate meeting new people, this might not be the career for you.

B – "Pick it up and get their attention to give it back to them"

There is a Code of Ethics Realtors are bound to follow when working with their clients. Buyers and sellers respect honesty and transparency, and acting ethically makes them more likely to work with you in the future. Giving the money back to the person it belongs to is the most ethical action.

A – "I am able to handle unexpected problems easily"

Having great problem-skills is an essential character trait of any real estate agent. Being able to quickly and efficiently solve problems can help you better advocate for your clients.

B – "Upbeat and optimistic"

Agents at the top of their field tend to have personable and friendly attitudes that help them and their career. Clients would rather hire someone with an upbeat attitude than an agent who is shy, rude, or lazy.

A – "I do my work like every other day"

Most real estate agents are classified as independent contractors, not employees. This means they are responsible for their work on their own time. Being self-motivated to work, even when no one is watching, is a helpful trait to have.

D – "I always meet my deadlines"

One obstacle many employees face is procrastination. In the world of real estate, missing a deadline could be the thing that gets in the way of your client getting the home of their dreams. Being a great real estate agent means always meeting your deadlines to get your work done on time.

A – "You can learn new software very easily"

Technology has completely transformed the real estate industry. There are now a vast number of websites, software, and social media platforms to list and purchase homes, get detailed information on the housing market, and help you advertise and market yourself as a real estate agent. Embracing technology is key, and you might find yourself learning how to use new software constantly.

A – "Thank them and take the suggestions into consideration"

You might not help a client buy a home on your very first try. There are a lot of things a buyer might consider before making their purchase, such as the amenities, square footage, the neighborhood, and more. As a real estate agent, you will constantly be getting this feedback from your clients and using it to help you show them better options. Taking constructive feedback gracefully is essential to being a great real estate agent.
Hopefully, this quiz has convinced you that real estate is the career path for you! Ready to get started? We can help with that!
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Written and Published by: VanEd

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