How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Texas?

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Texas?

Being a real estate agent doesn’t require a college degree or the tuition costs that come along with it. That doesn’t mean getting your real estate license is free. From submitting an application to taking your exam, there will be a few fees along the way.

Continue reading to learn more about how much it really costs to become a real estate agent in the Lone Star State.

How Much Does It Cost To Earn Your Texas Real Estate License?

The cost to get a real estate license in Texas is between $1,000 and $1,500 and takes 4-6 months on average. This means you can begin your new career and be just as, if not more, financially successful without debt and with many years to spare.

Below is a breakdown of the total licensing cost, including education, exam fees, and application fees.

1. Real Estate School – $350 - $800+

Choosing the right real estate school is essential for your success. Make sure your school is TREC-approved, has a high pass rate, and offers support to its students.

There are many real estate options. Some real estate schools, such as VanEd, are 100% online and can be completed anytime, anywhere. VanEd 180-Hour Pre-License courses also provide online support from instructors and payment plans. Other schools offer in-person classes.

To better understand which school is right for you, check out this blog: Online vs. Classroom Real Estate Courses - Which Is Better?

2. Exam Proctoring – $50-$150

Each hopeful licensee must take a final course exam at the end of their coursework. In many states, Texas included, that exam must be proctored. A proctored exam means that each participant must have supervision while taking the exam. This can be costly if done through a third party. However, VanEd includes online proctoring in their Convenience and Premium packages.

3. Exam Fee – $43 per attempt

Many people need to take the TREC real estate exam more than once in order to pass. It costs $43 each time you take the test. Make sure you study as much as possible to keep from retaking the exam.

4. Application and Processing Fee – Approximately $225

The real estate exam application fee is $185. You will also need to pay a fingerprinting fee of $38.25 to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) so a background check can be performed.

What Are The Costs to Maintain a Real Estate License in Texas?

Even after school, exam fees, licensing fees, and background checks, there are periodic courses that real estate agents must take to maintain their license. These Continuing Education (CE) courses keep real estate agents up to date on the laws of their state, serve as an information refresher, and allow real estate agents to learn more about the real estate industry.

How often agents need to take CE courses varies depending on their licensing state. View all Texas license renewal requirements. CE is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and update your skills to advance even further in the industry.

Many brokerages pay for their agents’ CE courses. Ask your sponsoring broker if CE is something they offer.

Some states require their agents to take a post-license course within a year of their licensure. This post-license training is a one-time course that serves as an extension of your real estate education. Texas requires a 98-hour Salesperson Apprentice Education (SAE) during your first license renewal.

How Much Does It Cost to Renew Your Real Estate License in Texas? 

The cost to renew your real estate license in Texas can depend on a few different factors, including the license type and whether you submit the renewal on time.

According to the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), a standard real estate sales agent license renewal fee is $110.

However, if you miss the deadline and submit your renewal within 90 days, a late fee of $33 is added for a total of $143. If you submit your renewal more than 90 days past the deadline, the late fee increases by another $33, making it $176. So, make sure you submit your renewal on time!

How Much Does It Cost to Renew a Texas Real Estate Broker’s License? 

Broker renewal fees can also vary depending on when you submit your renewal. The broker renewal fee is $217, but if you renew up to 90 days late, that fee goes up $36 for a total of

$253. If you renew more than 90 days late, the original fee increases by another $36 for a grand total of $289. Remember, it pays to be on time.

How Much Do Realtors Spend on Continuing Education per Year? 

Once you've secured your real estate license, it's essential to meet ongoing educational requirements to maintain its active status. Agents usually undertake these courses every one to two years to stay informed about industry changes and regulatory updates. The expenses for these continuing education courses can vary, starting from around $100 and going up to several hundred dollars for each course. 

However, the cost of individual continuing education (CE) courses can vary widely. For example, online courses tend to be more affordable than in-person classes. The cost will also depend on the provider, topic, and length of the course. 

A real estate career does not guarantee any amount of success, but agents who put in the time and work often do exceptionally well for themselves. After a few years of building a client base and getting to know the industry, agents can make over six figures, making getting your real estate license a worthwhile investment.

Start your real estate journey by enrolling in our 180-hour Texas Pre-License package, which includes 180 hours of Texas pre-license courses, free Texas real estate exam prep, a study guide, and a downloadable eBook. It has everything you need to get started. Head to our website to enroll today!

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