Colorado Real Estate Exam - Practice Questions, Locations, & Pass Rates

Colorado Real Estate Exam - Practice Questions, Locations, & Pass Rates

In order to become a real estate agent in Colorado and represent buyers and sellers in the real estate transaction process, you must pass the Colorado Real Estate Exam.

In this post, you will find all the information you need to know about the examination as well as our most frequently asked questions including where to take the  test, what to expect on the exam, and what the pass rates are for the top online schools.

How Much Does It Cost to Take the Broker Exam?

The Colorado Broker Exam fee is $44.95. If you fail the exam and need to retake it, you must pay an additional fee of $42.50.

Where Do You Take the Colorado Real Estate Exam?

Students who have finished their pre-license education at an accredited Colorado Real Estate School must schedule their exam at a PSI Testing Center.

The following addresses represent exam locations across the state of Colorado.

Denver (Centennial)

12150 E. Briarwood Ave, Suite 270
Centennial, CO 80112
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Denver (Wheat Ridge)

4891 Independence St #220
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
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Fort Collins

3000 S. College Ave, Suite 206
Fort Collins, CO 80525
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803 West 4th Street, #803S
Pueblo, CO 81003
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Colorado Springs

5050 Edison Avenue, #121
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
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Grand Junction

743 Horizon Court, #203
Grand Junction, CO 81506
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799 East 3rd Street, Suite 3
Durango, CO 81301
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PSI also has exam centers in many other regions across the United States. Students may take their exams at any of these out-of-state locations after submitting the out-of-state request form.

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What Is on the Colorado Real Estate Exam?

The Colorado Real Estate Broker Exam is made up of the following two sections.

  • National Section

    The first part of the exam is the National section. This portion is made up of 80 questions. Students must answer at least 60 questions correctly – a score of 75% or higher – to pass. Students are given 120 minutes (2 hours) to complete this portion of the test.

  • Colorado Section (State-Specific)

    The second part of the exam is the Colorado state-specific section. This portion is made up of 74 questions Students must answer at least 53 questions correctly – a score of 71.6% or higher – to pass. Students are given 110 minutes (1 hour and 50 minutes) to complete this portion of the test.

Exam Outline

The following information about the exam outline has been taken from the PSI Candidate Handbook.

The examination will be administered via computer. You will be using a mouse and computer keyboard

  • Identification Screen

    You will be directed to a semiprivate testing station to take the examination. When you are seated at the testing station, you will be prompted to confirm your name, identification number, and the examination for which you are registered.

  • Tutorial

    Before you start your examination, an introductory tutorial is provided on the computer screen. The time you spend on this tutorial, up to 15 minutes, DOES NOT count as part of your examination time.

  • Test Question Screen

    The “function bar” at the top of the test question screen provides mouse-click access to the features available while taking the examination. One question appears on the screen at a time. During the examination, minutes remaining will be displayed at the top of the screen and updated as you record your answers.


    After you have entered your responses, you will later be able to return to any question(s) and change your response, provided the examination time has not run out or you have ended your examination.

  • Experimental Questions

    A small number of “experimental” questions (i.e., 5 to 10) may be administered to candidates during the examinations. These questions will not be scored and the time taken to answer them will not count against testing time. The administration of such unscored, experimental questions is an essential step in developing future licensing exams.

Can You Take Your Exam Online?

No, you cannot take your exam online. You are required to take your exam at a PSI Testing Center where it will be administered via computer. You will be using a mouse and computer keyboard to answer the questions.

Sample Exam Questions from PSI

  1. Which of the following interests in property is held by a person who is granted a lifetime use of a property that will be transferred to a third party upon the death of the lifetime user?

    1. A life estate
    2. A remainder estate
    3. An estate for years
    4. A reversionary estate
  2. Which of the following statements BEST identifies the meaning of the term, “rescission of a contract”?

    1. A ratification of contract by all parties.
    2. A return of all parties to their condition before the contract was executed.
    3. A transfer of assignment of particular responsibility from one of the parties to another.
    4. A review of the contract by legal counsel of either party that may result in the cancellation without or talk or further obligation.
  3. Which of the following clauses in a mortgage allows the lender to demand loan repayment if a borrower sells the property?

    1. Defeasance
    2. Prepayment
    3. Acceleration
    4. Alienation
  4. How much cash MUST a buyer furnish in addition to a $2,500 deposit if the lending institution grants a 90% loan on an $80,000 property?

    1. $5,500
    2. $6,975
    3. $7,450
    4. None of the above
  5. Which of the following single-family residences would get the MOST accurate appraisal by applying the reproduction cost approach to value?

    1. A rental property
    2. A vacant property
    3. A new property
    4. An historic property

Answers to the Sample Exam Questions

  1. A.
  2. B.
  3. D.
  4. A.
  5. D.

Source: PSI

How Hard Is the Colorado Real Estate Exam?

The exam can be challenging, but it isn't something students should be intimated by! In our 23 years of education experience, we have found that students struggle the most with the following topics.

  • Contracts
  • Regulations
  • Closings
  • Record Keeping

What Is the Pass Rate on the Colorado Real Estate Exam?

The average pass rate for all real estate education providers is 86.14% for the National portion and 68.22% for the Colorado portion. The combined average pass rate for both portions is 77%.

What School Has the Highest Pass Rate?

The following are the pass rates for the top online real estate schools in Colorado. These pass rates represent the combined percentage of students who passed the National and the Colorado portions of the exam.

  1. VanEd - 85%

    VanEd currently has the highest pass rate for online schools on the Colorado portion at 91% as well as the number one pass rate for both portions combined at 85%.

  2. The CE Shop - 82.5%

    The CE Shops currently has the second-highest pass rate for the combined portions at 82.5%.

  3. Colorado Real Estate School - 75%

    At number 3, Colorado Real Estate School has a 70% pass rate on the Colorado portion and a combined pass rate of 75%.

  4. Mckissock - 71.5%

    Last is Mckissock with a combined score of 71.5%

Review the published pass rates.

How to Pass Your Exam

The most effective way to study for and pass your exam is by reviewing the material in your 168-hour coursework.

real estate exam prep courses

At VanEd, we make this easy with our Colorado Real Estate Exam Prep Course Program, which contains a full review of your pre-license courses and various practice questions that you will find on both the National and State-Specific portions of the exam.

VanEd also provides additional tips on passing your exam and how to prepare for your test here

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