Students Review the VanEd Colorado Real Estate Exam Prep Course

Why Did You Join VanEd's Exam Prep Class?

Terresa B. 0:16

I'm getting ready to take the test here real soon. I kind of struggled here and there with testing online and that sort of thing. So I thought this would be a good way to just prepare and be ready to go because I need to get it done.

Vicky Ortega 0:27

I came today so I could get more information to help pass my test. I do have test anxiety. So I think this would be a great factor to help me study and get prepared along with all the course content I've been provided.

Derek B. 0:39

It's good to see what I was comfortable with and what I wasn't. So now I know what to go back and study more of So it's a good mile marker to see where I'm at.

Sherry P. 0:50

I am getting ready to take my test this week. I found in the past that it's always been helpful to me to do some hands on interactive with a live person, ask questions, and listen to other people's questions. I think it's very valuable. And it helps me to solidify the information in my head. So when I'm taking the test, I can refer back to something that I heard.

You've Just Completed the Course, What Do You Think?

Vicky Ortega 1:20

I do feel more confident prepared for the real estate exam. Give me a lot of little insight and tips and tricks that will help me along the way.

Terresa B. 1:27

So I just think the instructors have been really good. The contents been great. The participation with the other students has been great.

Sherry P. 1:33

I just like Sean's positive attitude when I came into the class. She asked me who's ready to take the test? And I said, "Well, I registered. Oh, yeah, I think I liked that. She sets the tone, when we're in here. You know, we're in it to win it."

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