VanEd announces ARELLO/IDEC Certified Texas Real Estate Licensing courses

November 22, 2013

After a rule change that took place in 2012, all Distance Education courses for Real Estate Licenses in Texas are now required to be certified by an appropriate and approved Distance Education Certification program.

One acceptable (and in fact the industry standard) program is the ARELLO Distance Education Certificate program. And while all Texas real estate licensing courses (SAE/Core courses) will not be required to be certified until January 1st, 2015, VanEd has already met and exceeded the new requirements.

Why is this important for students?

Students looking to complete the required education in order to sit for the Texas real estate exam should be aware that all real estate courses and classes are not the same. ARELLO certified programs meet industry standards for delivery, instructional support and timing. This certification allows the student to be comfortable that the program they are taking will both prepare them for a career in real estate and meet the regulatory requirements of the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

Why is this an important step for the industry?

In the past distance education courses, especially those offered in states that do not require ARELLO certification, have not meet known and agreed upon educational standards. When education standards are not met then the student may face compliance issues, but more often students suffer because they do not pass the mandatory state licensing exams.

As proponents of ARELLO and IDEC (International Distance Education Counsel) certification programs, VanEd has worked for more than a decade to exceed the expected standards and minimum requirements. Our Instructors have obtained and maintain strict requirements, including possessing the Certified Distance Education Instructor (CDEI) certification. The CDEI is a multi-day program completed entirely online that focuses instructors on the needs and demands of today's online adult students.

We are excited about the new courses and our new Texas Real Estate Licensing packages, and think that students will find they are better prepared to take advantage of today's excellent real estate market.

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