Real Estate Listing Exclusions Explained

Real Estate Listing Exclusions Explained

What If the Seller Asks for a 'Listing Exclusion'?

For those who haven’t encountered a “listing exclusion” yet, it’s simply a request from a seller that if a certain person or persons buy the home after it goes on the market, your listing commission won’t apply.

Listing Exclusion Example

For example, perhaps the seller knows a guy at work who says he’d be interested in purchasing the house, but he’s still thinking about it. Your seller doesn’t want to wait for him to make up his mind to go on the market, but neither does he want to pay you if the guy actually ponies up. So, the seller asks you to “exclude” this particular person from your listing agreement.

Should You Do It?

My advice? Sure. Don’t argue, don’t explain, and don’t make a big deal out of it. Write in the exclusion and get on with putting the house on the market. The chances that this guy is actually going to purchase the house are slim, but if he does, the seller will probably need your assistance to get the contract written and to closing. For which you most certainly may charge a reasonable fee.

No reason to go to battle over this. Save your energy for bigger things!

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