Make REALTOR® Safety a top priority

September's REALTOR® Safety Month may have come to a close, but VanEd wants to remind all of us that personal safety should always be "top of mind" and not something we take for granted.  We are reminded of this every time a real estate professional is attacked or injured on the job.

There are ways to mitigate the dangers when working with customers and clients so that everyone is more safe. Tell the office where you are and who you are with. Get a copy of every customers drivers license and tell them your office requires to have that on file before you are allowed to show property. Take someone with you when working an open house. Take steps to ensure your safety in every situation.

Small steps can lead to a safer work environment. For more information on REALTOR® safety, you can visit or During September VanEd posted videos on Safety issues. You can also review older NAR REALTOR® Safety videos published by by using the following links:

For more information, or to request assistance in locating safety information, contact us at

Written and Published by: VanEd

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