Leader's Choice training for Real Estate Professionals now online!

By VanEd | January 23, 2014

LCLogoLeader's Choice is an all-inclusive 9-Session program that teaches students the most productive real estate sales techniques.  Learn why our staggered training, mixed with applied action, is a formula for extraordinary results! 

Who is Leader's Choice designed for?

In each of the nine sessions online students will learn and engage with the path to success. The program is designed to help three groups of agents. The first group would be the experienced agents that are currently in the bottom half of production. The average student in this first group has almost five years experience. The second group are new people that are serious enough about real estate to want to get a jump start on their career. The third group, the smallest, are the top agents that are either suffering from burn out and need to learn how to produce just as much by working fewer hours or just wish to increase their arsenal of techniques.

What are the specific benefits of Leader's Choice?

After more than 25,000 graduates, the average student produces 2 times their normal production on a per person basis. Although this is an average, what specifically happens is, the experienced agents that were in the bottom half have the most increase in production. The second group, new agents, do OK during the program, but produce their best after graduation.

Our past studies show that 75% of the new people that take Leader's Choice are in real estate three years later. This retention is twice the national average. The third group, top producers, seem to benefit by learning not just additional techniques, but learn to be in more control and balance of their time and life.

Is the online version of Leader's Choice right for me?

Our online program is a wonderful solution for people not able to attend a live seminar, at a significantly reduced price:

See for yourself real-time results from our current courses in progress: View Stats  Visit http://LeadersChoiceOnline.com to learn more and to register!