The 15 Mobile Apps Every Real Estate Agent Should Have

The 15 Mobile Apps Every Real Estate Agent Should Have

Managing a real estate career is challenging. However, with the development of apps, managing time, clients, receipts, images, and anything else becomes more efficient. These apps can help you become a more successful real estate professional by improving organization, marketing, and communication and can also help you get things done faster and more efficiently! Here are a few of our favorite apps that will help any real estate professional.

Top 15 Apps for Real Estate Agents

1. ReceiptScanner

ReceiptScanner - Store Your Receipts on Your Mobile Device

This app keeps track of your receipts while you are out and about by taking a photo of the receipt and saving it along with essential expense details. Your accountant/bookkeeper will thank you for this little gem.


2. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an app that allows you to take and edit photos. This app has many unique, free features. The paid plan gives you access to more tools, including retouching, extra presets, and masking images. Whether posting to your social media feeds or taking photos for potential buyers, this app’s many adjustments and presets can enhance any image.

Limited free version or about $10 per month for the entire plan

3. Asana

Asana - Project and Workflow Organization App

Asana is impressive for project organization and collaboration between team members. The free version of Asana permits up to 15 “team members” to be assigned to a project. Your projects are organized to save money and help you finish tasks quicker.

Free plans available

4. EasilyDo

EasilyDo - An new personal assistant app

This is your personal assistant. This app does things seamlessly, like automatically add new contacts to your address book, write “Happy Birthday” posts for Facebook friends, keeps track of your packages via tracking numbers. In addition, EasilyDo will send alerts to your appointments if you are running late, automatically message friends and family when you’re going to work late, and plenty more.

For Apple only. Not available on the Google Play store. If you have a non-Apple device, we recommend using Stuff – Personal Assistant instead.


5. Sectograph

Time use mindfulness

Sectograph is excellent for finding time to squeeze in tasks you want to do but are not required to do. Sectograph shows your tasks for the day displayed in a 12-hour pie chart. It helps you map your day by prioritizing and managing your schedule.


6. Notion

Notes and task management

Notion is a fantastic app for all things notes, time management, databases, and tasks. This app has many flexible features that allow you to fit it to your needs.

Free for personal use

7. MagicPlan

Measure with your camera

This fantastic app measures rooms and draws floor plans through your phone’s camera. It is beneficial when helping clients measure for furniture or better understand the space you are showing.


8. Headspace


With all the stress of your everyday job, many professionals find it helpful to pause and meditate for at least a few minutes daily. The headspace app has an extensive library of guided meditations that vary in time. Whether you have 5 minutes or a half hour, pausing and finding peace is always a good idea.

Limited free version or about $6 per month for full access

9. DotLoop

Transaction Management

Dotloop is a transaction management app made specifically for real estate professionals. The app allows you to transition paperwork into a mobile format. This app allows real estate professionals to edit forms, collaborate, electronically sign, and automate compliance.

$29 per month

10. Canva

Beautiful social media templates

For keeping your social media feeds fresh and updated, nothing is better than Canva. The 1000’s of templates make it easy to create posts for your social profiles to gain the attention of potential new clients. The app also lets you schedule posts directly to your feeds.

Limited free version or about $10 per month for full access

11. Google Maps

Real-time traffic updates

The Google Maps app does much more than show you how to get from point A to point B. The app uses data to track slowdowns, construction activity, and even speed traps active on your route. If there is a faster route, Google will automatically reroute you. With this app, there are no more surprise construction or traffic delays.


12. Calendly

Hassle-free scheduling

This app lets your clients see when you are available for seamless booking. This app is a game changer because it saves you the time and energy of scheduling and building your calendar. This app does it all for you.

Limited free version or several other options starting at $8 a month

13. Zillow Mortgage

Fast and straightforward mortgage calculator

This app is an all-in-one mortgage calculation tool. Factor in anything you can imagine to help your client understand their potential monthly payments. Get fast and simple calculations that are beautifully displayed and make sense to your client.


14. Docusign

Document management

This must-have app for all real estate professionals allows you to organize and send documents to clients. These documents can be signed electronically by the recipient. You can even send reminders to clients. This powerful tool allows you to store and utilize the necessary documents to complete your job.

Plans starting at $10 a month

15. MagicPlan

Design App

Let your clients envision themselves in their new homes by showing them the potential of the space. This fascinating app lets you furnish and decorate a room so your clients can fully envision themselves in their new homes. This app is a must for any buyer’s agent, especially helpful for luxury real estate agents.

Plans starting at $10 a month

Written and Published by: VanEd

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