Colorado Employing Broker Refresher Course

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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Colorado Employing Broker Refresher Course

This course was originally developed in response to legislative and rule changes requiring employing brokers to comply with new licensing and license renewal requirements. The course was written by the Division of Real Estate with input from the Education Task Force and is presented in the format and outline required in order to meet all rules and regulations.

  1. Definitions - Recognize and define all terms applicable to employing broker competence and practice.
  2. Employing Broker Responsibilities - Recognize all the relevant Employing Broker responsibilities that are required to stay in compliance with Division of Real Estate rules and regulations.
  3. Reasonable Supervision -What actions define “reasonable supervision” and what expectations the Division of Real Estate has regarding adequate supervision?
  4. High Level Supervision - Understand what additional actions define “high level supervision”, the difference between “reasonable supervision” and “high level supervision”, and what expectations the Division of Real Estate has regarding adequate supervision.
  5. Affiliated Business Arrangements - Understand an employing broker's responsibilities regarding proper disclosure of affiliated business arrangements and their responsibility to ensure that associate brokers are also properly disclosing all affiliated business arrangements.
  6. Trust Accounts/Reconciliation - Define proper accounting and reconciliations requirements are necessary on all trust account transactions.
  7. Division Rules Regarding Advertising - Apply proper compliance in all forms of advertisement regarding individual agents and the agency overall.
  8. Commission Position Statements - Review applicable Commission Position Statements regarding employing brokerage and agency management.
  9. Checklist Orientation - Review of Real Estate Manual Checklists
  10. Supervisor Case Studies - Discuss case studies to reinforce learning concepts presented throughout the course

This course is approved for 6 hours of Colorado continuing education (CE).  It contains multiple exercises and quizzes, and is completed with a comprehensive final exam. Upon passing the final exam, a course survey will be available which precedes delivery of the course completion certificate.

Approved States: CO