Colorado Real Estate License Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a real estate license in Colorado?

The Colorado Real Estate Commissionn requires 168 hours of pre-license education, however, the entire process from taking the required education to receiving your license takes anywhere from 2 to 4 months. Fingerprinting and a background check take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks.

How long do I have to take the Colorado Real Estate Exam after I finish the courses?

You may use your REC-33 certificate provided upon completion of our programs to apply for your license any time in the future. According to the commission rules, once you pass the exam you will have one year to apply for licensure.

Where can I find the Colorado real estate broker application forms?

The Division of Real Estate website contains all of the application forms. Simply visit their website to find the necessary form.

Should I complete my fingerprinting before taking the exam?

Colorado requires a fingerprint based criminal history background check. VanEd recommends getting fingerprinting done as soon as you get started with the VanEd Colorado real estate licensing coursework. The current timeframe for the completion of background checks is 6-8 weeks or longer.

VanEd supplies the fingerprint card and information inside of the VanEd Study Guide. This information and card can be used at your local police or sheriff's office (call first for hours and locations) to start the fingerprinting process. VanEd will also provide you with information on how to complete this step electronically.

Can I get a Colorado real estate license if I've been convicted of a crime?

Commission rule A-12 explains the procedures for applying for a real estate license with a criminal record. You will need to submit form BAA with your application.

VanEd recommends that you request a preliminary opinion prior to registering for your real estate licensing course. You can use Commission Form PAO to ask for a preliminary review regarding the potential effect that previous conduct, criminal convictions or violations of the real estate license law may have on a formal application for licensure as a Colorado Real Estate Broker. This opinion is issued in order to provide preliminary advisory guidance. This opinion is not binding on the Commission nor does it limit the Commission's authority to investigate a formal application for licensure.

Does VanEd process fingerprinting? I've had fingerprints taken before, will I be able to use those?

While we supply all the information you need, VanEd does not process the actual fingerprinting. Fingerprinting is completed at many local police & sheriff departments. It is a good idea to call them in advance to be sure they provide this service and ask what hours the service is available.

Usually, previously taken fingerprints are NOT acceptable.

Note: If you are a mortgage broker who is registering with a fingerprint based background check in 2006 with the Division of Real Estate, their background check DOES meet the standard and will be applicable. These are the only other allowable fingerprint based background checks.

Will VanEd tell me what to expect on the Colorado real estate licensing exam?

We will explain testing procedures and delivery as well as give you access to PSI's candidate handbook online. VanEd will also give you test taking tips, and full access to our online real estate exam prep. This will prepare you to not only take, but pass, the Colorado real estate licensing exam.

How long can I wait after passing the exam before activating my license?

Commission Rule A-8 requires you to apply for a license within one year of passing the broker exam.

Can you put a license on inactive status and what is the procedure for re-activating a license?

There is no requirement to activate a Colorado real estate license. You may apply for the initial license to be issued on inactive status and renew it that way every three years for as long as you like.

At what point do I receive my certificate of completion to schedule the broker license exam?

Instructions are emailed to students as soon as they become eligible to start the Colorado real estate license exam review process. Students must complete the course in order to receive eligibility certificates for taking the Colorado exam and the required REC-33 completion certificate. These will be available online for printing upon completion of the program, allowing you to sit for the state exam as soon as possible.

Do I have to complete the 168-Hour Pre-License Courses if I already have my real estate license in another state?

We encourage all licensed agents to contact the State Commission or Department of Education's office to confirm what reciprocal requirements there are for the state in which you wish to obtain additional licensure. Contact the Colorado Real Estate Commission at 303-894-2166 or visit their website to learn more about real estate license reciprocity.

Does VanEd have a job placement program?

While VanEd does not offer a job placement program, many real estate firms in Colorado already know of our quality education programs have contacted us and indicated a willingness to work with VanEd graduates.

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