Why REALTORS® Should Consider Using Smart Lockbox Key Storage

Why REALTORS® Should Consider Using Smart Lockbox Key Storage

If you are using combo lockboxes or requiring real estate agents to pick up keys at the office, it's time to enter the 21st century. There are many better options than this archaic activity that keeps your listings accessible and the keys protected. Also, if you have multiple listing with multiple lockboxes around town, you may be scratching your head as to which combination goes with which address.

Alas, there is an even easier solution that uses Bluetooth technology and your smartphone to simplify the entire process! Keep reading to find out!

What are Smart Lock Boxes?

Smart lockboxes do not require a combination to open. Instead, by simply using an app on your mobile device, you can unlock the box and retrieve the keys. For extra security, you can give single day codes to agents and buyers, and even receive notifications the moment the lockbox is accessed. Additionally, professional locksmiths can open the lockbox if an issue arises with the app.

Benefits of Using Smart Lock Boxes

Using this technology saves considerable unnecessary time and hassle with combination codes while providing the same results as a traditional lockbox. Additional benefits include:

Access Diversity

Some smart lockboxes also have a keypad as a backup just in case there is an issue with the agent's phone or a connection problem. While the point is not to use the keypad, in the rare instance there is an access challenge, the agent can still open the box the old fashioned way!

Fewer Calls and Texts

You do not need to answer countless calls and texts when agents cannot remember the lockbox. As an agent, you don't have to embarrassingly worry about remembering the combination when showing the house to potential buyers. If you cannot remember the combination, this gives an unprofessional viewpoint from the buyer.

Large Capacity

There are smart lockboxes in all shapes and sizes for a variety of needs. Some lockboxes can hold up to 10 keys or more. This is especially important when showing all aspects of larger homes that have different structures on the property.

Lockbox Access Tracking

The box transmits a log of those who have opened the box with the time and date of access. This can all be viewed through the app. This information gives you considerably more control over who is accessing the listings, the number of times they are being accessed, and the dates and times.

Lockbox is Mobile

Once the house is sold, you can use the lockbox at a new location every time, which saves having to purchase a new lockbox each time a new listing pops up.

Remote Access

Access using codes and Bluetooth keys can be created from anywhere at any time. This delivers tremendous flexibility for all listing agents and those who need to enter the house for various reasons.

Safe Place for Keys

If listing agents carried around the keys for every property they needed to show in a day, not only would their bag weigh 100-pounds but it would take an hour to find the right key to the right property. If the keys were stored at a central office, it wastes time for the listing agent to drive to the office, grab the keys, meet the potential buyer, show the listing, drive back, and drop off the keys. With time being money, the smart lockbox allows listing agents to focus on their strength, showing the listing, not on the logistics of retrieving the keys.

Features to Look for in a Smart Lockbox

Smart key lockboxes are simple but ingenious products that make the lives of a listing agent easier. When searching for the right model, consider the following features:

  • Build quality: You want a durable box that can withstand the elements while sitting outside.
  • Price: While price must always be a consideration, it should not be the only factor when purchasing a smart lockbox.
  • Security: This is the core reason for having a smart lockbox so you must consider how easily it can be opened.
  • Storage Capacity: If you only need to a few keys then your capacity requirements will differ from another listing agent who needs to store multiple keys, access cards, and other items.
  • User-Friendliness: The smart lockbox serves no purpose if it is awkward or difficult to use.

There are many benefits to utilizing a smart key lockbox at your listings around town. Not only will the listing agents be more productive due to the accessibility of the keys, but they will thank you for the simple solution!

Written and Published by: VanEd

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