Creating the Perfect Happy New Year Email for Real Estate (2023)

Creating the Perfect Happy New Year Email for Real Estate (2023)

The new year is approaching soon! That means it’s the perfect time to freshen up your marketing strategy and generate engagement from everyone on your email list. 

Email marketing for real estate continues to be one of the most effective marketing strategies, with an average open rate of 32.8%. As the real estate market continues to change, successful real estate agents must go above and beyond and develop deeper relationships to dominate their market. 

Sending your clients a "Happy New Year" real estate email will help you capitalize on your captive audience and stay on their minds as they make their new year’s resolutions. Continue reading to learn how to create the perfect “Happy New Year 2023” real estate email. 

The Right Timing 

Since sellers are typically more inclined to sell during the winter, the holiday season is one of the best times of the year for bargain hunters to start house hunting. Furthermore, you can send your "Happy New Year 2023" real estate emails now, just before the new year, or shortly after the holiday. Regardless, this strategy can help boost sales around this time of the year.  

Here are some tips on the right timing depending on your goal: 

  • To attract buyers interested in moving within the following months, send out your “New Year” email before the holiday and motivate them with seasonal offers. 

  • To attract long-term buyers, send your “Happy New Year” real estate email shortly after the new year to prevent getting lost in a flood of marketing holiday emails. 

The Perfect “Happy New Year” Message from Realtor 

Crafting the perfect copy for your “Happy New Year 2023” real estate email or a new year's real estate post can be more challenging compared to other sectors. 

 Your database includes former buyers, prospective sellers, and lenders. Instead of sending an effortless “wishing you a Happy New Year from your realtor” email to clients on your database, send a memorable message that will create interest. 

Don’t forget to keep the copy short, making it easy to read for your clients. Keep your messages brief while adding value. Do this by redirecting them to your web or social media channels where they can find more details if they wish to and remind them that you’re ready to meet all their real estate needs in the upcoming year.

Segments and Personalization 

When writing your emails, personalize them to address the different segments of your list. There’s a higher chance someone will open an email tailored to their interests. 

For example, you can divide your list into: 

  1. Past clients 

  2. Potential sellers 

  3. Interested buyers 

  4. Lenders 

Then prepare four different emails with slightly different new year’s messages. 

Here are some examples of how to craft your personalized message: 

  • For recent buyers, send an email wishing them a happy first New Year in their new home and remind them that you are available for any questions or doubts. 

  • For clients who purchased their homes over a year ago, including a neighborhood guide mentioning new companies and upcoming neighborhood events might pique their interest. 

  • For potential buyers, write a message containing information about possible winter offers and showcase some available properties. 

  • For potential lenders, write an email with a recap of the year and mention upcoming market trends in the new year. 

Personalized emails lead to higher open rates, and providing engaging content without prompting your client to buy a new home can create interest and lead to higher click rates. This will help you become their first thought when looking for a new home or referring an agent to someone. 

The Subject Line

The chances of your email being opened increase when you personalize the subject line. It’s recommended to keep it short, using no more than nine words and highlighting how the information will add value to the recipient. 

Other best practices for email subject lines are: 

  • Avoid using symbols or anything spammy

  • Offer value to the recipient 

  • Create a sense of urgency

  • Give a sneak peek at what the email contains 

The subject line can be as simple as “wishing you a Happy New Year in your new home” or creating a sense of urgency with something like “Last chance for your dream home!” Lastly, add a preheader to provide more details on your offering. 

“Happy New Year” Realtor Cards 

In addition to your email, send a physical card that everyone will love. Share creative happy new year realtor cards to get your prospects excited about the new year. 

According to data from the U.S. Postal Service, 98% of Americans check their mail daily, and this is especially true around the holidays. That means this strategy puts your marketing message where prospects already look. 

Some tips for creating beautiful happy new year realtor cards are: 

  • Include your family or staff photo. Prospects and clients enjoy seeing the face behind the brand, and this is specifically true for more personal businesses, such as real estate. 

  • Personalize your new year’s message. You increase your response rate by mentioning the names of your prospects or clients directly on your “Happy New Year” realtor cards.

Make sure to craft a creative and beautiful card to generate interest and make people smile for the holiday season. 

Real Estate Email Ideas 

Once you’ve sent your “Happy New Year 2023” real estate email to your email list, don’t stop there! Make the most of real estate email marketing in the new year with the following strategies: 

Start a Newsletter

You can reuse the template from the “Happy New Year” real estate emails you create to turn it into a newsletter. Send it out to your contacts on a regular schedule. After you begin, stay consistent by committing to a plan that works for you. 

If you start a newsletter, providing consistent content will keep you in your clients’ minds, and you’ll be perceived as a credible resource for your clients. 

Share a Success Case 

Have a success story about one of your clients? If you have an account demonstrating how you particularly helped a client overcome a challenging scenario, share it with your contacts. A compelling story highlighting your abilities is a great way to impress potential clients. 

This new year, continue your real estate journey by signing up for one of our Real Estate Continuing Education (CE) Courses for online CE classes to renew your Real Estate License.

Written and Published by: VanEd

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