5 Best Real Estate TikTok Accounts to Follow in 2022

5 Best Real Estate TikTok Accounts to Follow in 2022

Did you know that TikTok has a fast-growing real estate industry presence?

TikTok is one of the newest and most exciting social media channels in 2022. This platform is home to millions of videos that reach a rapidly growing audience of 689 million users.

Despite its reputation, the platform is far more than videos of teenagers dancing to pop music. It is becoming one of the best social media channels to integrate into your real estate marketing strategy.

TikTok is now a video app that includes humor, culture, commentary, and informative videos. The real estate agents on TikTok feature videos of luxury home tours, inspection fails, wealth management, and real estate agent tips.

Here is our list of the 5 best real estate TikTok accounts to follow in 2022.

1. Tatiana Londono


Tatiana Londono is a real estate coach, real estate broker, and real estate investor. Her content covers a wide range of topics surrounding the real estate agency.

Tatiana’s upbeat videos are aimed to help individuals achieve success in their real estate careers. She shows glimpses of her fabulous life while explaining the work it took to get there. Her videos are broken up into three categories: property hustles, millionaire tips, and real estate agent success.

Topics Covered

  • Real Estate coaching
  • The type of work it takes to be a successful real estate professional
  • How to grow wealth through real estate
  • Why someone should become a real estate licensee

2. Stevie Soucie    


Stevie Soucie, a real estate coach and mentor, creates videos aimed at helping real estate agents create great impressions with their clients. This account is targeted at newer real estate agents or agents who are looking for new tips on how to be successful in their careers.

Stevie's TikTok mixes fun, entertaining content with serious, informative content. Stevie covers a wide range of tips for real estate agents, such as “how to protect yourself as a woman real estate agent” and “careers within the real estate industry.”

Topics Covered

  • Mentoriship and coaching
  • How to become an agent
  • Tips for women in the real estate industry
  • Real estate investing insights

3. Inspector AJ


This account is run by AJ, a professional CPI® home inspector. AJ gives tours of the homes he is inspecting and shows inspection fails.

While this content is entertaining, it also gives great insight into the inspection process from the eyes of a professional. AJ gives great tips while giving viewers an idea of what to expect during a home inspection. The content is a fun and valuable way to learn more about common mistakes found in homes.

Topics Covered

  • Home inspection tips
  • Home inspection fails
  • Improvement tips

4. Daniel Heider


Daniel Heider is a real estate broker who shares video content, which highlights his success selling luxury homes and properties. His account takes the viewer through luxury real estate for sale on the east coast.

This TikToker typically pairs a fast-paced home tour with popular music to create an altogether stunning package of available homes on the market. These videos not only showcase stunning luxury homes for sale but also sets the standard for real estate agents looking to advertise their homes on the TikTok platform.

Topics Covered

  • Luxury real estate
  • Home tours

5. Antonio Cucciniello


@investarters is a Tik Tok channel created by Antonio Cucciniello. The purpose of his content is to inform his followers about the business surrounding first-time real estate investing.

Antonio uses a Q&A format to answer common investing questions and concerns. Outside of his channel, Antonio mentors investors and has tools and books available for sale.

Topics Covered

  • First-time property investing Q&As
  • How to make money in real estate
  • Why getting a real estate license puts you at an advantage
  • Why someone should become a real estate investor

Written and Published by: VanEd

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