Real Estate Investments #0043

Real Estate License Course Details

ARELLO-Certified and approved by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission (NREC) to meet the requirements for Nebraska real estate licensees. (Nebraska Real Estate License Requirements)

The purpose of the Investment course is to provide a working knowledge of the basic tools of analysis for (1) direct real estate investments, considering both annual cash flow and the reversion, and (2) indirect investments in real estate. Direct investments refer to the situation where the investor invests in real estate; indirect investments refer to investments using either irregular methodology or wraparound mortgages.

The course is not directed toward a specialized student population. Rather, it is intended for those who may pursue a variety of clients and customers who are current investors or who will be making entry into the investment markets in real estate for the first time. Students will be introduced to investment criteria and the process of analyzing investments. 

Course Outline

  • Course Introduction
  • Unit 1. Investment Characteristics
  • Unit 2. Investment Analysis
  • Unit 3. Time Value of Money
  • Unit 4. Discounted/Non-Discounted Investment Criteria
  • Unit 5. Leverage
  • Unit 6. Tax Shelters
  • Unit 7. Depreciation & Appreciation
  • Unit 8. Property Tax
  • Unit 9. Yield Capitalization

The course contains quizzes, exercises, flashcards and numerous online field trips. It is completed with a multiple choice final exam.

Upon completing this course students will receive a certificate of completion that they may use as evidence of passing the course with the real estate commission. We remind you that licensees upgrading to a Broker level of licensure are required to complete a total of six (6) 30 hour courses or complete a total of four (4) 30 hour courses and have two years of Active experience.