Property Management in Nebraska #0044PM

Real Estate License Course Details

ARELLO Certified and approved by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission (NREC) to meet the requirements for Nebraska real estate licensees. (learn more)


The purpose of the Property Management course is to provide the student with an overview of property management. The Course includes detailed discussions of the role of property manager, landlord policies, operational guidelines, leases, lease negotiations, tenant relations, maintenance, reports, habitability laws, and key Fair Housing issues.

The course is not directed toward a specialized student population. Rather, it is intended for those who may, in the future, pursue a variety of specialties such as residential management, commercial management, or even operation of their own property management firm. Recognizing that specialization is not possible without the basics, this course provides the basics necessary to begin the learning process.

Table of Contents

  • Course Introduction
  • Unit 1. The Role of the Property Manager
  • Unit 2. Landlord Policies
  • Unit 3. Operational Guidelines
  • Unit 4. Leases - Residential
  • Unit 5. Leases - Commercial
  • Unit 6. Lease Negotiations
  • Unit 7. Tenant Relations
  • Unit 8. Maintenance
  • Unit 9. Security
  • Unit 10. Reports
  • Unit 11. Habitability Laws
  • Unit 12. Fair Housing
  • Unit 13. Property Management in Nebraska
  • Unit Course Summary

The course contains quizzes, exercises, flashcards and numerous online field trips. It is completed with a multiple choice final exam.

Upon completing this course students will receive a certificate of completion that they may use as evidence of passing the course with the real estate commission. We remind you that licensees upgrading to a Broker level of licensure are required to complete a total of six (6) 30 hour courses or complete a total of four (4) 30 hour courses and have two years of Active experience.