Real Estate Finance - 451

Real Estate License Course Details

Course Description

This course will cover the principles of financing a transaction. Topics covered will include pre-qualifying vs. pre-approval, the qualifying and approval process, required documentation for transaction financing, various loan program types and criteria, and the loan process. Learners will review the tools used to determine actual costs related to financing a transaction and the effect of changes in interest rates. The course will cover the loan process and steps which take place during the transaction, as well as some preparations buyers can make to ensure financial readiness for homeownership.

Outline (Course Objectives and List of Lesson Titles)    

Lesson 1: The Nature and Cycle of Real Estate Finance
Lesson 2: Money & the Monetary System
Lesson 3: Additional Government Influence
Lesson 4: The Secondary Mortgage Market
Lesson 5: Sources of Funds
Lesson 6: Instruments of Real Estate Finance
Lesson 7: Loan Types, Terms & Issues
Lesson 8: Government Loans
Lesson 9: Lender Loan Processes
Lesson 10: Defaults & Foreclosure

Course Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
•    Identify key agencies involved in the monetary system
•    List at least three primary and a secondary sources of money consumers might utilize
•    Review and explain the transaction process
•    Examine insurance needs and make proper recommendations
•    Perform basic math calculations
•    Direct consumers to appropriate financing opportunities and advisors