Virginia Real Estate Exam Prep

Real Estate License Course Details

This Virginia exam prep focuses on the information you need to know to pass your Virginia real estate exam. This course was designed by real estate professionals familiar with the real estate licensing process.

The course is specifically designed to help you pass your state's written licensing exam on your first attempt. The topics included in this Virginia real estate exam prep highlight the topics with a high likelihood of appearing on state and national portions of the written exam.

To effectively study, it is essential to understand what will be covered on the Virginia real estate exam. Much of the material covered in the Virginia pre-licensing courses you previously completed will NOT be covered on the written exam, making the exam-specific preparation provided by this course fundamental to your success on test day.

Get ready for your state-mandated broker exam with this course.

To get the most out of this exam prep module, complete your state's required broker pre-license coursework. Once you've studied the broker pre-license curriculum, this course will help you master the concepts that will appear on the state and national portions of the Virginia real estate exam.

You'll have unlimited practice questions available to test your knowledge of the material you'll see on the actual test. Questions are grouped into subject areas to help you retain information. Plus, all questions have feedback explaining the correct answer so you can learn from mistakes or guesses.

This module is not an official or otherwise sanctioned testing mechanism. But it will help you determine how ready you are to take the national portion of the official licensing exam.