Missouri Real Estate License Exam Prep

Real Estate License Course Details

Missouri Real Estate License Exam Prep

Prepare to pass your Missouri real estate license exam with our premier exam prep course

Prior to taking this class, students should complete the following Missouri Pre-License courses:

24-Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice (MREP) Course
48-Hour Missouri Real Estate Pre-Examination Course

Course Objectives

After students learn about the principles and practices of real estate in MO, this course will help them master the concepts that will appear on the state and national portions of the real estate exam.

Students will have access to a variety of practice questions available to test their knowledge of the material that they will see on the live test. To help students retain information, questions are categorized into distinct subject areas. Additionally, the questions will have feedback that explains the correct answer so students can learn from any mistakes they make.

This course is not an official or otherwise sanctioned testing mechanism and students will not receive credit hours for this course, however, it will help students practice to pass their first time.

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