Retail Site Location Analysis

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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Retail Site Location Analysis

Note: This course is essentially a follow-up to the "Principles of Buyer and Tenant Representation" course

This is an advanced course designed for the experienced broker to teach the skills necessary to reduce risk in the site location process and to zero in on the best location for his or her retail client. 

This course is written from the perspective of a former Corporate Real Estate Director who worked from a custom Site Location Model for each of the brands, and how he converted those models into a simple system that can be customized for any retail client.  The course will teach the skills used by Real Estate Directors for National Franchise Brands.  For them, accuracy when recommending locations for their companies is critical to job security. Mistakes are costly in many ways. 

Learning is enhanced through the use of 5 case studies of actual situations the author encountered while on the job and explains the lessons learned from each experience. The course will teach:

  • How to improve the skills necessary to provide better customer service to the brick and mortar client
  • How to Identify the appropriate trade area for the retail client
  • How to reduce client site location risk by using the Site Evaluation Worksheet to identify the components most closely associated with the client’s success
  • How to create a Site Location Model for retailers
  • How to use the Site Location Model as the basis for a Market Development Plan, Trade Area Analysis, and Site Location Analysis
  • Tips on how to conduct an effective site tour

Approved States: CO,OK,TX