The SWS Listing Analyzer for Expired Listings

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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The SWS Listing Analyzer for Expired Listings

For the first time we present a course written by a Nationally recognized author and designed by our team that talks to you, the student, in the first person. You will hear directly from course author Jennifer Allan and the VanEd instruction team as they walk you through the process of analyzing expired listings.

This course will highlight what areas should be reviewed and how to communicate your findings to sellers. The good news about expired listings is that another agent has already done a lot of your work for you. They've tested the market and have provided you and the seller with valuable data on what didn't work. Your job now is to 1) uncover that data and 2) analyze that data and then 3) recommend and make adjustments based on your findings that will result in a different (better) outcome for the seller.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • Explore the phases of the listing cycle
  • Describe the data that is necessary to uncover in order to determine why a property has not sold
  • Analyze the data so that proper recommendations can be made to the seller
  • Verify the proper use of adjustments to the property and listing

Course Outline

  • Introduction from the authors
  • Phases of the Expired Listing Analysis Process
  • Phase One - Uncover the Data
  • Phase Two - Analyze the Data
  • Interlude
  • Phase Three - Recommend and Make Adjustments
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Resources

The course is completed with a multiple-choice final exam.

Approved States: FL,NE,OK,OR,TX