74 Ways to Sell Your Listings in Today's Market

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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Course Description

Throughout this class Real Estate Brokers will learn how to service their client's listings in any market. Attendees will learn of potential risks and pitfalls that they may encounter throughout the process and how to minimize those. They will receive guidance on how to manage any challenge that they might encounter during the listing process from pre-market to sale. They will learn how to avoid giving tax/legal advice to their clients and the value of using any available services in the marketplace (we do not oversell this, just show them that if they outsource the tedious administrative items that are necessary to get properties sold they might be better served).

The goals of this course is to provide you with the tools you can apply to your business immediately so that you can protect the public interest while appropriately managing the listing process successfully and confidently while minimizing legal risks for licensees and sellers.

Course Objective

At the conclusion of this course students will be able to:

  1. Recall housing statistics and relate them to current market conditions
  2. Interpret listing procedures and timelines
  3. Implement procedures designed to examine and asses various marketing and pricing options
  4. Integrate competent handling of advertising into their business practice
  5. Engender cooperation between sellers, lenders and appraisers using the knowledge they have gained regarding the listing process and timeline

Table of Contents

Unit 1 - Preparation and Pricing

  • Seller preparation
  • Pricing
  • CMAs

Unit 2 - Pricing, Condition and Accessibility

  • Underpricing and price reductions
  • The importance of condition
  • Accessibility
  • Represented Buyers

Unit 3 - Challenges, Checklists and Marketing

  • Pre-Market
  • Managing the Listing
  • Marketing Issues

Unit 4 - Advertising, Inspection and Appraisal

  • Advertising
  • Negotiation the Inspection
  • Appraisal

Unit 5 - Evaluating Listings

  • Bonuses and MLS issues
  • Property Problems
  • Evaluation Checklists

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