Methamphetamine and Real Estate

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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Methamphetamine and Real Estate

Known as 'the devil's drug' even by those who use it, the synthesized central nervous stimulant is an effective energy booster, appetite suppressant, mood enhancer and libido intensifier. The artificially induced state it creates numbs all feelings of conscience and bestows a euphoric sense of invincible self-confidence, beauty, sex-appeal and an almost supernatural energy. But in a short time, its phenomenal dependency potential frequently turns recreational use into a nearly insurmountable addiction.

For property owners, the sale of a stigmatized property may become difficult, or result in loss of property value. Future owners can be adversely affected in a number of ways as well, from suffering physiological ill effects or having their personal belongings become contaminated, to facing foreclosure when forced by state regulations to comply with costly newly-imposed clean-up standards.

Citizens need to know not only about the physical effects of the drug, but the other drastically dire and distressing consequences to their communities and possibly their own personal safety, as well. It is of utmost importance for everyone to learn to recognize the signs of meth usage, the indicators of a meth lab or waste disposal site, and know what to do in the event they are encountered.

Learning Objectives

After this course you should:

  • Know what meth is
  • Realize the multitude of dangers posed by meth use and meth labs
  • Understand the dismal effect meth abuse has on potentially everyone
  • Recognize the signs and indicators in detecting meth usage and meth labs
  • Gain awareness of the cleanup and disclosure responsibilities required of property owners
  • Become familiar with what's being done to curtail the methamphetamine problem
  • Know where to get more information

    Table of Contents

    1. Meth Overview
      • What is Meth
      • History
      • Production
    2. Meth Abuse
      • Making and Using
      • Community Effects
    3. Meth & Real Estate
      • Contamination
      • Property Clean Up
      • Inspection/Disclosure
      • Property Management
    4. Staying Safe
      • Meth Labs
      • User Signs
    5. What is Being Done
      • Government & Legislation
    6. Public Awareness
    The course includes a Glossary of terms and is completed with a multiple choice final exam.