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Real Estate Licensing

General questions about how to get a real estate license and become a real estate agent or REALTOR®.

How do I get a real estate license?

Most states have different sets of requirements for achieving a real estate license. Generally, there are a minimum number of required hours of education to complete and then the candidate must pass the state licensing exam. A background check will be required and usually a minimum of two years must be spent working under a brokerage or employing broker /superior before a candidate can operate independently.

Full Licensing Requirements

What other fees are involved in getting a license?

VanEd's course fee includes your online course, Exam Prep, and instructor access. You will also be responsible for completing a background check. Once you have finished your coursework you will need to pay the State Exam fee to the testing center and a fee for your license payable to your state's Division of Real Estate. Errors & Omissions insurance is often also required.

I'm currently licensed but I'd like to add a license from another state. How do I know which states are reciprocal with mine?

States vary with the rules for license transfers and reciprocity, and some are easier than others. You'll need to know how long you have had the license currently, whether it is active, inactive or expired, and what type (Salesperson, Broker, Broker Associate, etc). Once you have this information, check with the new state's Division of Real Estate to see what they will require for you to earn the license there.

How do I reactivate an inactive or expired real estate license?

States vary with the rules on reinstating inactive or expired licenses. You should be able to contact your state's Division of Real Estate to confirm what you need, as it tends to differ based on how long you have been inactive or expired and what type of license you held.

Real Estate Exam

Learn about the required state exam that you must pass to get licensed.

What Is the Real Estate Exam?

In real estate, most states require students to pass two sections of the test in order to earn that first level real estate license. You will need to pass both the National and State-specific parts of the exam – all of which will be covered in your pre-license coursework.

Can I take the Real Estate Exam online?

Most states require that you take the Licensing Exam in person at a state-approved testing center. VanEd will provide complete instructions and the paperwork you need to find the testing center closest to you and get scheduled.

What happens once I pass the Exam?

Hooray! VanEd will provide you with the state license application or the appropriate directions from your state's Division of Real Estate to proceed with getting the license finalized.

What happens if I fail the Exam?

Failing the State Exam can be disheartening, but in this unlikely event you will be able to retest usually right away, and you will have complete access to your course work and Exam Prep to re-prepare. Instructors can also help you go over areas where you need review. But as long as you have kept up your scores (80% and higher!) in the course and gone through the available prep exams with good scores, you should pass without a problem!

Enrollment in Online Courses

Questions concerning online enrollment, payment, course access and more.

How long does the course take & how long do I have to complete?

The online courses are self-paced. With the Licensing coursework, generally 10-15 hours a week is a good schedule to keep, which breaks a 90 hour course package into 5-8 weeks, and a 168 hour course package into 10-12 weeks, for example. But you can move at your pace which may be much quicker—or slower. You have a year from enrollment to access courses unless otherwise noted, and if you go beyond a year a small course reactivation fee will apply. (*Note on CE courses: many states do have limits however on the number of hours of CE that licensees can complete in a day)

How does the course work online?

Our online courses are very user-friendly. You'll have the freedom of making your own schedule: login and out as often as you like, at any time you like. You'll login to our secure site with your username and password (established once you enroll) and in your Student Account under "Active Courses" you'll be able to open each course and work through it at your pace—reading material, taking multiple choice quizzes and exams and completing exercises. Exams can be retaken so you don't risk failing out of class!

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Can I access the course from more than one computer or device?

Yes! Our courses are web-based so you can access them from any computer or device that has internet access, Mac or PC.

What if I have questions while I am working?

Online Q&As are available 24/7 where you can review past questions or post new ones directly inside any course for an instructor answer via email. You may also reach instructors via phone and email during VanEd business hours, 9-5 M-T (MST).

How do I get credit for completing a course?

Upon completion of any CE course or licensing package, a course certificate or state form will be available to print online in your student account. States have different processes once you complete your education, and full instructions will be available online in your student account. VanEd will report all education completions to State Commissions or Boards that require it.

Are there payment plans or financial aid?

As a vocational school, VanEd does not offer financial aid through our company. We do offer multiple payment plans to help break up the course fee for course packages. Split payments allow you to pay the course fee over two or three months by check or credit card. You will be given the option to select a payment plan right on the purchase screen for all packages. Tuition assistance plans such as VA/GI Bill grants need to be confirmed by the student to ensure that our online vocational training is acceptable.

Technical Support

How to get help with computer questions and other technical support

What if I need technical assistance?

Technical support is always available via phone, email, and online chat during VanEd's business hours. Email us after hours with any concerns and our technical staff will address your questions as quickly as possible.

What devices and browsers are supported?

VanEd courses can be used on all major operating systems and devices. This includes Windows and Apple computers of all types, laptops, tablets (iPad, Android or Windows), smart phones, smart tvs, and even smartwatches.

Our learning managment system (LMS) is supported on all major browers including Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Samsung Internet, Firefox, Opera, and UC Browser.

Real Estate Continuing Education

Questions about continuing education courses and maintaining / renewing your real estate license.

Where can I locate my CE course completion certificates?

For classes completed online, certificates are available to print from student accounts anytime. For classroom courses with credit delivered by VanEd, students should receive an email notice.

How do I know what CE I am required to take for my license?

In all states where VanEd offers coursework, CE requirements will be listed on the state pages for continuing education. Student accounts also employ an education tracker to help students keep track. Your state's Division of Real Estate will list the requirements as well, and what you need to make up any delinquencies.

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Help, my license expires tomorrow! Can I get my CE completed in time online?

Most states have rules outlining how many hours of CE can be completed by licensees in one day (Colorado allows up to 8 hours, for example) and some states have rules blocking students from completing an online course in less than 24 hours. It's important to be aware of the rules that apply to your license and stay on top of the required hours—you may be able to squeeze some coursework in at the last minute, but it is always advisable to be prepared ahead of time!

I've missed my deadline in completing some mandatory CE. What do I do now?

Mistakes can happen and more often than not there is a solution if you have missed some required CE as part of your license cycle, although as usual, the options vary by state. Your state's Division of Real Estate will outline the options you have and it may be in your best interest to contact them directly if you are unsure.

Appraisal Licensing

How do I get a real estate appraisal license.

How do I earn an appraisal license?

Most states have a 3-tiered licensing system for appraisers, each step of which requires education and documented training hours (Licensed, Certified Residential, Certified General). For your state's current licensing rules, you may want to check your state appraisal board's website for the details. Generally, trainee appraisers start with 75 hours of education (Basic Appraisal Principles, Basic Appraisal Procedures and the 15 hour USPAP course) and then need to achieve 2,500 hours of experience and another 75 hours of coursework before they can take the initial Licensing exam. Completion of college level education (a BA degree for example) is required at the higher levels of licensing. A background check will also be required. For more information on VanEd's available appraisal programs, follow this link.

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