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Real Estate Ethics School

VanEd maintains a number of Real Estate Ethics courses available for CE credit and National Associatio of REALTORS® requirements. We currently offer ethics classes in Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, and Missouri.

We have both online and classroom course options, all of which satisfy the NAR renewal requirement and some that also satisfy the NAR new member orientation requirement. All ethics courses are approved for Colorado CE credit.

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Available Ethics Courses

6-Hour Real Estate Ethics and Professional Practices course Credits

Ethics and Professional Practice


4.3 stars

Online   |  Classroom   |  NAR Renewal   |  NAR New Member

The online course covers the interpretation and application of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. This six (6) credit hour course is designed to meet the NAR standards for new membership Ethics coursework. Boards and associations require this course as a condition of membership.

This course describes the history of the Code of Ethics, identifies concepts in the Preamble and the Golden Rule as foundations upon which the Code of Ethics is Built. The major categories in the code are listed and the structure of the Code and its supporting materials are described. Articles of the Code where common complaints are made are described along with the concepts included in Articles 1, 2, 9, 12 and 16. Case studies and scenarios are used to create interactive learning methods and the professional standards enforcement process is discussed.

The course also covers Procuring Cause and the bases upon which an arbitration claim is decided and the Pathways to Professionalism.

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6 hour Procuring Cause course Credits

My Commission or Yours? Procuring Cause Guidelines


4.0 stars

Online   |  Classroom   |  NAR Renewal   |  NAR New Member

Approved for six (6) hours of Professional Standards credit, this course gives REALTORS® who serve on Professional Standards Hearing Panels additional training on those considerations which commonly occur in arbitration cases.

After briefly describing the Code of Ethics we identify concepts found in the Preamble. Major categories of the Code are identified and the structure and supporting materials are examined. Common complaints and cited Articles are discussed and due process in a hearing is reviewed. Antitrust issues are reviewed and the general processing of a complaint is highlighted including the roles of the committees and the participants.

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4 hour Ethics of Technology course Credits

The Ethics of Technology: Etiquette for the Age of Engage


4.4 stars

Online   |  Classroom   |  NAR Renewal   |  NAR New Member

This course is designed to meet the REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training (formerly known as the Quadrennial Requirement) and also to give guidance to all real estate professionals working in online and social media.

Discusses the Golden Rule and the elimination of practices which may damage the public, or bring discredit to the real estate profession. Further discusses Articles 2, 11, 12 and 17. It also gives interactive lessons related to the Articles selected and describes the professional standards enforcement process as it relates to these articles.

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3 hour Ethics for REALTORS Credits

Ethics for REALTORS® (REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training)


4.4 stars

Online   |  Classroom   |  NAR Renewal   |  NAR New Member

This course can be offered for either three (3) or (4) hours in the classroom and is maintained annually to reflect the newest developments of the Code of Ethics. An intensive review of the Code of Ethics that exceeds the requirements set for by NAR for member Ethics renewal training.

Both the online and live versions of this course were designed specifically to meet the requirements for today's REALTOR®. They include all required elements, including the Preamble and history of the Code of Ethics, notes and the three major categories of the code. Procuring cause and an introduction to the Pathways to Professionalism are also included.

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