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Community Assocation Manager Courses in Colorado

Colorado House Bill 13-1277 requires licensing for anyone who engages in certain defined activities of a “Community Association Manager” relating to the management of a common interest community (CIC). As of January 1st, 2016 all individuals who act in the capacity of a Community Association Manager are requird to obtain a CAM License from the Colorado Division of Real Estate.

CAM Licensing Education

VanEd has the 24 hours of mandatory education you need to qualify for the Colorado CAM licensing exam. Our courses are 100% online and can be completed efficiently from your home or office. With over 20 years providing online courses, VanEd is the most trusted real estate school in Colorado.

CAM pre-licnese courses are also approved for real estate continuing education credit in Colorado.

CAM Continuing Education

CAM License Holders are required to complete 8 hours of approved continuing education each year between July 1st and June 30th. VanEd CAM CE courses are also approved for real estate continuing education credit in Colorado.

Questions and Answers Concerning the CAM Program

Those required to be licensed as a community association manager are any person, firm, partnership, limited liability company, association, or corporation that, in consideration of compensation by fee, commission, salary, or anything of value with the intentions of receiving or collecting such compensation, whether or not the compensation is received by the licensed manager directly or by the licensed entity that employs the licensed manager, engages in or offers or attempts to engage in community association management in Colorado.

Community Association Management means any of the following practices relating to the management of a Common Interest Community, at the direction or on behalf of its executive board:

  1. In interactions with members or non-members of the Common Interest Community, acting with the authority of the Common Interest Community with respect to its business, legal, financial, or other transactions;
  2. Executing the resolutions and decisions of the Executive Board;
  3. Enforcing the rights of the Common Interest Community secured by Statute, Contract, Covenant, Rule or bylaw;
  4. Administering or coordinating maintenance of property or facilities of the Common Interest Community;
  5. Administering applications for architectural review;
  6. Arranging, conducting or coordinating meetings of the Common Interest Community’s membership or executive board.
  7. Maintaining the Common Interest Community’s records pursuant to its governing documents and applicable provisions of the CCIOA; or
  8. Administering, or otherwise exercising control of, a Common Interest Community’s funds, including the administration of a reserve program for the major repair or replacement of capital assets.
Exemptions to Licensure

The following are the statutory exemptions to licensure:

  1. A person who, under the direct supervision of a manager, performs any clerical, ministerial, accounting or maintenance function;
  2. Any public official in the conduct of his or her official duties;
  3. A receiver, trustee, administrator, conservator, executor, or guardian acting under proper authorization;
  4. A person, firm, partnership, limited liability company, or association acting personally or corporation acting through its officers or regular salaried employee, on behalf of that person or on in its own behalf as principal in acquiring or in negotiating to acquire any interest in real estate;
  5. An attorney-at-law in connection with his or her representation of clients in the practice of law;
  6. A corporation with respect to property owned or leased by it, acting through its officers or regular salaried employees, when such acts are incidental and necessary in the ordinary course of the corporation’s business activities of a non-property management nature.
  7. An independent contractor who: (A) performs any clerical, ministerial, accounting, or maintenance function; or (B) is not otherwise engaged in the performance of community association management; or
  8. An apprentice working under the direct supervision of a licensed manager.

Available to Providers beginning as early as October of 2014. Students must complete the education and examination by July 1st, 2015.

Fingerprinting/Background check

Applicant can submit fingerprints for criminal history background checks.


The Division will have the community association manager test for licensing available for applicants. Testing will be provided by PSI and will be available at testing facility locations listed on the Division website. Note: VanEd will include this information for students.

License Applications

The application for obtaining a community association manager license will be available on the Division website for completion and submission beginning in April of 2015


Community association managers must be licensed in order to manage a common interest community in the State of Colorado by July 1, 2015.

The community association manager licensing statute encompasses the licensure of professional managers that manage various types of common interest communities, including, but not limited to residential, mixed-use, commercial, timeshare and condo hotel communities.

Pursuant to section 12-61-1000(3), C.R.S., the Director of the Division of Real estate will establish, by rule, the continuing education requirements for licensed community association managers. The proposed B rules require licensed community association managers to successfully complete eight (8) hours of continuing education courses in approved subject material per year.

Licensees will need to provide proof of completion before they renew an active license, activate an inactive license, or reinstate an expired license to active status. However, a licensee may choose to take and successfully pass the Colorado state portion of the community association manager test in lieu of the eight (8) hours of continuing education courses.

Any dual licensee completing courses approved by and taken in satisfaction of another occupational licensing authority’s education requirements (for instance real estate brokers, attorneys, etc.,) may apply the continuing education credit towards their community association manager’s CE requirements subject to the courses meeting all provisions of the proposed B rules, including approved education subject areas.

An applicant for a community association manager’s license who does not complete the 24 hour program approved by the Division of Real Estate must hold one of the following credentials:

  • Certified Manager of Community Associations or “CMCA”;
  • Association Management Specialist or “AMS”;
  • Professional Community Association Manager or “PCAM”


All three CAM courses have been approved by the Colorado Real Estate Commision for real estate continuing education. The full CAM program will provide 24 hrs of CE credit (8 hrs per course) towards your Colorado real estate license renewal.