VanEd Affiliate Program Information and Details

You've Got Students? We've Got Education!

Our affiliate program allows you to refer students to your VanEd affiliate page and receive a revenue share from course sales.

Standard Affiliate Program Details

  • Options for offering discounts to the student and / or a referral fee.
  • VanEd will provide a Partner Code which will link your affiliate account to students that you refer.
  • You may link to any page within the VanEd website, and we will automatically recognize your Partner Code and track your referrals:
    • Direct link to any VanEd website page for a particular program and state.
    • Your logo will be displayed prominently at the top of every page. Your logo will remain for each visitor for 30 days (unless they clear their cookies).
  • We have a selection of logos and banner ads for you to use on your website when linking to VanEd, which you will find in your Partner Admin Dashboard.
  • You will have access to our Partner Admin Dashboard where you can see how many students have registered through your partner link.
  • Increase your revenue and increase the educational opportunities for those you serve!

Fusion Affiliate Program Details

VanEd has partnered with various brokerages and schools in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Nebraska to provide a unique education program. The program is based around VanEd's successful online licensing coursework, with the addition of supplemental hosted classroom tutoring sessions.

Why Is Our Affiliate Fusion Program So Great?

You receive all of the advantages and flexibility of online learning (including VanEd's instructor support by phone/chat/email), PLUS the live support of an experienced tutor to help review difficult topics and answer your questions.

Get Started and Enroll Today!

To get started, all you need to do is complete the Affiliate Interest Form. You will be contacted by a VanEd staff member within two business days to discuss your interest in the VanEd Affiliate Program. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this program, and we look forward to creating a valued partnership.