VanEd Affiliate Programs

Affiliate promotion is a strategy for enhancing and expanding the educational opportunities that are available to your members and visitors. Whether you are an existing real estate school, brokerage firm, or a REALTOR® Association, by taking advantage of VanEd’s affiliate program you can enhance your education offerings and maximize revenue.

VanEd offers a simple, standard program that meets the needs of most affiliates. VanEd also offers the Fusion Program which includes both online and live instruction. VanEd can also work with you to create a customized course or program for your state or institution. Have you got a course you would like to offer online? VanEd can also help get your program off the ground and up online!

Affiliate Program Options

  • Standard Affiliate: Simply introduce students to VanEd and earn a 25% referral fee based on any revenue generated by that student. Learn More >
  • Fusion Learning: Combine our online courses with live instruction at your location using your own instructors. Learn More >

Ready to get started?

From the menu on the left:

  • Click 'About VanEd' to learn about our school and education programs
  • Click 'Program Details' for everything you need to know about the affiliate program
  • click 'More Information' to fill out an affiliate interest form.

You will be contacted by a VanEd staff member after completing your registration to finalize your agreement. Once you are an affiliate, you can login to your account and track sales in real time!

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