About VanEd Real Estate School

The History of VanEd Real Estate School

In 1997, Vann Hilty, a real estate professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, had a vision to create a new format for providing education to prospective and current Colorado real estate licensees. His vision was to create a new format for teaching real estate by providing students with online real estate classes. He called his new online school VanEd, or Van Education Center.

As of 2022, VanEd has provided online real estate education to over 75,000 licensing students and 100,000 continuing education students. The most successful people in real estate continue to use VanEd and regard us as the nation's best online real estate school.

VanEd real estate school history and offerings

Learn About VanEd, our company history, and what we offer.

VanEd Real Estate School - A 360training Company

On May 3, 2021, VanEd Real Estate School was acquired by 360training, the leading provider of regulatory-required career training courses. VanEd Real Estate School is part of the 360training family, which include the following brands:

This acquisition allows VanEd to expand into more states and provide our industry-leading real estate courses to new students, while still abiding by our philosophy of providing the highest quality real estate classes.

Our Mission to Provide the Best Real Estate Education

The mission of VanEd (Van Education Center) is to create the highest quality real estate school online with agent, broker, and appraiser training courses that meet the needs of students and the requirements of the real estate and appraisal industry. Whether you are entering the industry and need an initial license, or must satisfy the requirements of an existing license through continuing education, VanEd is here to help.

Unlike most home study and online programs, you are not alone. We have a staff of instructors available to answer questions by phone during the workweek, or you may email us your questions at any time. We are here to help you!

Learn why the most successful people in real estate and appraisal use VanEd!

VanEd's Online Real Estate Coursework

VanEd Coursework

VanEd offers online courses for the professions of Real Estate and Real Estate Appraisal and covers pre-license, post-license, and continuing education.

Real Estate Licensing: VanEd offers the most comprehensive, efficient and successful path to meet your education requirements and pass your state Real Estate License exam!
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Real Estate Continuing Education: Serve your clients and customers to the best of your ability, stay current on news and industry trends, and create an educational path to success.
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Real Estate License Exam Prep: Designed for students who have completed their primary licensing coursework and want additional practice before taking the state real estate licensing exam.
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Leader's Choice Real Estate Sales Training:For over 20 years, Mark Leader has set the standard in sales training for real estate professionals. Now you can receive all the benefits of the Leader's Choice program in a convenient online format!
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Colorado CAM License Education: Starting in 2015, all Colorado Community Association Managers (CAM) must obtain a license from the state. VanEd has CREC approved courses online for the 24 hrs of education required before you may apply for CAM licensure.
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Appraisal Licensing: All the education you need to start a successful career, including USPAP. All courses are approved by your state Appraisal Board, the AQB and IDECC.
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Appraisal Continuing Education: VanEd offers a range of AQB approved, online appraiser continuing education courses to help you fulfill the education requirements of your appraiser license.
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Appraisal License Exam Prep: Prepare for your appraisal licensing exams with our extensive exam prep. Practice examinations offer links to review material for every question, and an efficient feedback system to help you focus your efforts.
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Mortgage Broker License: The education required to become a Mortgage Broker/Loan Originator is now available online, nationwide.
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VanEd online education philosophy

Education Philosophy

There are many options for presenting an online course, and since 1997 VanEd has designed and improved our online course delivery around two core ideas.

Students should have control over the education process.

At VanEd, we believe that courses should be organized & presented so that students can control the pace and sequence of the courses to best suit their learning style and existing knowledge. With audio and video elements used to accentuate the courses as appropriate, VanEd online real estate school students will gain the most value from every element.

Our courses are organized around a detailed outline, allowing you to move around the course in a sequence that works best for you, at your own speed. You can easily return to sections of the course for additional review, or skip ahead past topics that you have already mastered.

Online education should be supported by real people.

VanEd has a staff of instructors available to answer questions via our Q&A system. All our instructors are practicing professionals and experts in their fields. We are here to help!

VanEd real estate and appraisal instructors

VanEd Instructors

The ability to speak directly with a knowledgeable instructor is a key to your success and will dramatically increase the efficiency of your learning.

VanEd has the finest group of instructors in online real estate education. All are practicing professionals with many years of experience in real estate and/or appraisal.

Our instructors are available during the work week by phone or email.

Our online Q&A system lets you contact instructors by email, and browse through a well organized collection of previously posted student questions and instructor answers.

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VanEd online real estate course delivery

Online Course Delivery

All VanEd courses are 100% online and can be completed from the comfort of your home or office.

Our online systems are efficient and reliable, and will never get in the way of your learning experience. Online courses are designed to work on any device: PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

We strive to provide interactivity in every course in the form of quizzes, exams, and exercises. These activities reinforce your knowledge, let you practice specific skills, and help to make the courses more enjoyable.

For many courses, our entire online delivery is certified by The International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC). IDECC certification ensures that our course delivery, testing and student feedback systems provide an outstanding education environment.

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VanEd helps you have a successful real estate and appraiser career


The most successful people in real estate and appraisal use VanEd. Start an exciting real estate career with VanEd!

From the required licensing coursework through to a lifetime of continuing education, VanEd is here to support your successful real estate career.

Our students value the training that they receive from VanEd, consistently returning to further their education and their careers. Don't take our word for it, see what our student have to say!

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