Texas Real Estate License Course Requirements

TREC Requirements for Online Texas Real Estate Course Delivery

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Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) rules govern the delivery of online qualifying education courses (pre-license & SAE) and must be followed by all schools.

All of VanEd's real estate license and SAE courses have been approved by TREC, and the following sections describe how the TREC rules are implemented.

Course Timing

TREC mandates that you cannot receive credit for working more than 12 hours per day in any course.

This implies that a 30-hour course cannot be completed in less than 3 days from your Start Date. Start Date is defined as when you first open the course. Furthermore, starting and completing more than one course within the same 3-day period is not allowed. You may work on multiple courses at the same time, however, you will not be allowed to complete any course (i.e. take the final exam) within 3 days of the completion date for any other course. If you are enrolled in the full 180-hour pre-licensing package, you cannot complete all the courses in less than 18 days.

As you move through the VanEd coursework, your time spent online in the courses will be recorded, and we will notify you if additional time in the course is needed to meet the TREC requirements.

Since violating any of these time limits will result in TREC rejecting your completion certificate, our course delivery system will not allow you to complete a course outside of the TREC rules.

As with all VanEd courses, you have a full year from the purchase date in which to complete any course. After one year, your course enrollment will be inactivated. Reactivation for an additional year is available after payment of a fee equal to 35% of your purchase price.

Online Testing

Courses are divided into Topics (also labeled as Units), and TREC rules mandate an exam covering each Topic and that those exams are passed with a 100% score. Topic exams must have a minimum of 3 questions and the questions are drawn randomly from a pool that has at least 3 times as many questions as the number delivered (e.g. a 3 question exam will have a minimum pool size of 9 questions). Topic exams may be taken multiple times without penalty.

If you do not pass the final exam, you may take the exam a second time. The second attempt must be within 90 days of the first attempt. TREC allows two attempts at the final exam in total, and if both attempts result in a failing score, then you must repeat the course in full. If you do not attempt the final again within 90 days, you will be dropped from the course and must repeat the course in full. VanEd DOES NOT charge a fee to repeat the course in either of these circumstances.

Final Exam Proctor

The course final exam is taken online, but in the physical presence of a proctor according the the following guidelines. Failure to follow the proctoring rules will require you to take the exam again. If you have any questions about the proctoring procedures, please contact VanEd. We want to ensure that your exam results will be accepted!

All proctor information and forms are available inside each course at the time of the Final Exam.

Step 1: Identify a proctor from one of two categories

  1. Verified Approval: This can be a librarian, clergy or notary public

    For these proctors ONLY, electronic verification is required. Go directly to Step 2 below.

    Students should make arrangements with the proctor of your choice prior to showing up to take the exam. Not all entities provide proctoring services, or provide them only by appointment. Examples of acceptable proctors can be fouind at the TREC website.

  2. Advanced Approval Required: Any non-related individual not listed above

    • You must have your proctor approved by VanEd BEFORE taking the exam.
    • Complete a Proctor Approval Form and send to VanEd by email (proctor@vaned.com) or fax (360) 935-6081.
    • Be sure to include a copy of the proctor's government issued photo ID with the Proctor Approval Form.
    • You may NOT access the exam until we approve your proctor. The approval is sent to your email address that we have on file during our normal business hours of 9am to 5pm Mountain time. Please plan accordingly.

Step 2: Print a copy of the Proctored Exam Documents which consists of three pages

  1. Proctor Instructions: Present this to your proctor prior to starting the exam.
  2. Proctor Affidavit: To be completed by the proctor after PASSING the exam.
  3. Student Affidavit: To be completed by you after PASSING the exam.

Step 3: Complete the online exam

Step 4: Email or fax the Proctor Affidavit and Student Affidavit

We will release course completion certificates once the affidavits are received. All proctor information submitted will be verified for both the Verified Approval proctors as well as the Advanced Approval proctors. Submission of incomplete or incorrect proctor information is grounds for certificates of completion to be withheld.