Colorado Real Estate Exam Study Guide Workbooks

Exam Study Guide and Pre-License Course Review

Course Workbooks Are Now Available!

VanEd now offers an optional set of companion workbooks for our Colorado real estate licensing programs. These workbooks, which allow students to continue learning when they're offline, are excellent study aids since they contain abbreviated summaries of each course as well as a mix of challenging exercises to test the reader's knowledge on subjects covered online.

By using VanEd's new licensing workbooks and applying the lessons they've learned to the aforementioned exercises, students retain the key learning objectives needed to pass both the national and state licensing exams. VanEd's workbooks are helpful real estate exam prep tools with various real estate practice exam questions and answers.

These supplementary workbooks are delivered as interactive PDFs, which will instantly become available in your VanEd Student account.

Exam Prep Crash Course Workbooks

The Exam Prep Crash Course Workbook is different than the other course workbooks, and is designed for use immediately before taking the state licensing exam.

This workbook highlights the information that is most frequently tested on the Colorado licensing exam, and it does not contain a review of all the material you will find in the two online exam prep courses. Instead, the Exam Prep book is packed with vocabulary exercises to make sure you are very familiar with the language of real estate, as well as a brand-new set of multiple-choice exams to help you practice for the licensing exam.

This workbook also contains a full-length scenario example, a math cheat sheet, and a set of test-taking strategies to help you prepare yourself in the days before you go to the test center.

We recommend completing both online exam prep courses first (including all the online summary exams), and then utilizing this workbook as part of your final review for the licensing exam.

The workbook is delivered as an interactive PDF file, which will instantly become available in your VanEd Student account.

What Our Workbooks Feature

Real Estate Course Summaries

Abbreviated Course Summaries

Our real estate licensing course workbooks provide abbreviated course summaries to help students better understand the central topics and learning objectives from each unit within the pre-licensing courses. With this information at hand, students can review course concepts and improve comprehension so that they can be better prepared when it comes to taking the state and national real estate licensing exams.

Real Estate Exam Examples

Case Studies and Real-World Examples

While preparing for your real estate licensing exam with our course workbooks, you will come across case studies and real-world examples. We have included these to not only help you conceptualize the course content but also to help you better prepare for your future real estate career.

At VanEd, we not only want to help our students pass the real estate licensing exam but also prepare to be the next generation of real estate industry leaders, equipped with all the tools to have a successful, financially prosperous career. With our pre-licensing course workbooks, students will better understand the real estate industry and understand how to relate course information to real-world situations.

Real Estate Vocabulary

Vocabulary Review

After an abbreviated summary of each unit, students will be presented with a vocabulary exercise that will help them practice and better understand real estate licensing course terms and their matching definitions.

Once students have completed each vocabulary exercise, they can review the correct answers in the back of the workbook.

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Real Estate Exam Questions

Practice Exam Questions

Practice makes perfect! There is no better way to prepare for the real estate licensing exam than to review and practice. Our course licensing workbooks contain a variety of questions at the end of each unit that helps you better prepare for taking and passing the exam.

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Available Workbook Pricing
Must be purchased with a Colorado Pre-Licensing Package!

Electronic Copy

  • 1 Electronic Copy (Interactive PDF)
  • Abbreviated Course Summaries
  • Case Studies and Real-World Examples
  • Unit-by-Unit Vocabulary Review
  • Exam Practice Questions