How to Get a Texas Real Estate License

Step-By-Step Guide to Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent

Video: Steps to Get Your Real Estate License in Texas

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requires you to complete the following five steps to obtain a Texas Real Estate Sales Agent License. View the steps below and watch our video to help visualize the process.

5 Steps to Get Your Texas Real Estate License


  • You must be at least 18 years old to get started.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen or a lawfully admitted alien
  • Pass a Background Check

    TREC requires you to get fingerprinted and pass a Texas real estate license background check to ensure you meet their standards for honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity. You'll be asked to disclose any criminal offenses or professional sanctions from your past, and failure to disclose relevant information will be automatically disqualifying.

    Possible red flags include DWI/DUI, drug-related crimes, sexual offenses, fraud, forgery, falsification of records, perjury, paying/taking bribes, and offenses against someone else's real or personal property, against a person, or against a public administration. TREC will take various factors into consideration, including the length of time since the offense, compliance with court requirements, and signs of rehabilitation.

    If you're concerned that something from your past may be disqualifying, you can request a Fitness Determination before applying for a license. Learn more on the TREC website.

  • Complete the Required Pre-Licensing Education

    Next, you must complete the required 180-hours of pre-licensing courses from a TREC-approved education provider. This 180 hours includes the following six (6) 30-hour courses.

    1. Principles of Real Estate I (30 credit hours) - #121
    2. Principles of Real Estate II (30 credit hours) - #122
    3. Real Estate Finance (30 credit hours) - #451
    4. Law of Contracts (30 credit hours) - #1251
    5. Law of Agency (30 credit hours) - #1151
    6. Promulgated Contract Forms (30 credit hours) - #351

    Texas Sales Agent Education Requirements

    Texas Real Estate License Education Requirements

    Qualifying Education Requirements

  • Pass the Pre-License Course Final Exam

    When you have completed each of the 6 courses in the 180-Hour Licensing Package, you must pass a course final exam that will help prepare you to pass the licensing exam.

  • Apply for a License

    Apply for a real estate license with the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) using TREC's online licensing service.

  • Pass the State Licensing Exam

    Once TREC approves your application, you will need to schedule your exam and obtain a Candidate Handbook. The Texas Real Estate Exam is administered by Pearson Vue.

    How Many Questions Are on the Exam?

    • National Portion: 85 questions with a 150-minute time allowance
    • State Portion: 40 questions and a 90-minute time allowance

    What Score Do You Need to Pass the Texas Real Estate Exam?

    In order to pass your test, you will need to get a score of 70% or higher. This means you will need to answer 56 out of the 80 questions correctly.

  • First Time License Renewal: Complete the Required SAE Courses

    Complete the required SAE post-licensing education in order to maintain and renew your Texas real estate license for the first time.

    Post-License Requirements

How Much Is Real Estate School in Texas?

If you're wondering how to become a real estate agent in Texas, you're probably curious about the cost too. To obtain a Texas real estate salesperson license, you are required to complete 180 hours of pre-licensing education. The cost for these courses can range from $350 to $1,000, depending on the school, format (online vs. in-person), and any bundled services.

Our VanEd 180-Hour Texas Standard Package costs $495 and is carefully designed to make the most of your education, and your time. It's the perfect option for those looking for education from a top provider without breaking the bank

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Texas Real Estate License?

The total cost to become a Texas real estate agent varies. The table below contains a breakdown of what you should expect to pay to get licensed.

Fees Cost
180-Hour Pre-License Courses $350.00 - $1,000.00
State Exam Fee $43.00
Texas Real Estate License Application Fee $185.00
Finger-Printing (estimated) $38.25
Recovery Trust Fund $10.00
Total (varies based on price of qualifying education) $626.25 - $1,276.25

Learn more about the cost to get a license.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Your License Online?

Motivated students can get their license in 4 to 6 months, but the amount of time it takes to complete your education, pass your license exam, and receive your license will vary. It will depend on how much time per week you can devote to your studies, the type of real estate school you attend, how quickly you schedule your exam, and whether you pass on the first try.

Self-paced online courses like ours will give you a lot more control and leeway than a classroom experience. With a regular school, you're locked into their schedule. With an online school, you'll save yourself a commute, and you'll be free to squeeze your coursework into your schedule - whenever and wherever it's convenient for you.

This lets you determine the right pace. You'll have access to the courses for a full year, but most students can finish in 4-6 months. If you're able to treat school as a full-time job, you can complete the coursework in 3-4 weeks. The absolute minimum according to TREC rules would be 12 hours a day for 15 days, but we don't recommend that pace.

If you purchase our Convenience Package, you won't need to worry about scheduling your final exams with a proctor! Our Recorded Proctoring Service (RPS) helps you meet Texas's proctoring requirements on your own schedule from home.

After your courses, it will take at least 2-3 weeks for TREC to approve you for the licensing exam. We recommend you use this time to study and take practice tests so that you can pass on the first attempt. You'll know your test results immediately after the test. As soon as you obtain a sponsoring broker, you can get an active license and get back to work.

Texas Sales Agent Education Requirements

If you are seeking a Texas Sales Agent License, TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) requires the following qualifying education classes (180 hours in total) before taking the real esate exam and applying for a license

  1. Principles of Real Estate I #121 (30 credit hours)
  2. Principles of Real Estate II #122 (30 credit hours)
  3. Real Estate Finance #451 (30 credit hours)
  4. Law of Contracts #1251 (30 credit hours)
  5. Law of Agency #1151 (30 credit hours)
  6. Promulgated Contract Forms #351 (30 credit hours)

Full 180-Hour TREC-Required Course Package Information

You have one full year to complete your coursework in our new and improved student learning environment. Call, chat or post in the coursework Q&A and a member of the VanEd team will assist you. We are proud to be your educational partner and believe that our commitment to you and Texas Real Estate shows in our exceptional pass rates and world-class customer service.

TREC-Required Course Timing

Per TREC regulations, you cannot complete more than 12 hours per day in Pre-License coursework. Starting and completing more than one qualifying course within the same 3 days does not comply with Commission rules. Additionally, TREC will only allow a student to take course at a time – In other words, the 180 hour course should take no fewer than 18 days to complete – And you should take at least 3 days to complete each 30 hour course. As you move through the VanEd Texas Licensing coursework, you will be timed and we will notify you if you need to spend more time in the course. Questions? Give us a call at 1-361-208-0620 or an email at

TREC Course Timing Requirements

Alternate Education or Prior Experience

All applicants must complete the coursework listed above from a Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) approved education provider. Alternate, substitute or related coursework is not allowed for application toward a Texas real estate license.

In general, the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) will not accept a license from another state, or prior experience in real estate brokerage or any related business as satisfaction of education/experience required for a license.

Texas SAE Post-License Education Requirements

The initial licensing period is two (2) years. In order to renew your Texas real estate license, you are required to complete 90 hours of Qualifying (SAE) courses and two 4-hour TREC Legal Update courses within that two year period. You are allowed to select any Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) approved SAE or Qualifying courses not already completed during pre-licensing. The new sales agent may also need to take the 6 hour Broker Responsibility course to satisfy SAE requirements if the broker has assigned them to be a supervisor prior to SAE renewal.

2024 TREC-Approved Pre-License Courses

All VanEd Texas Pre-License courses are approved and meet the latest Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requirements for course content and online delivery.

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