How to Get a Real Estate License in Oklahoma

Real Estate Provisional Sales Associate & Sales Associate License Requirements
How to Get a Real Estate License in Oklahoma

Infographic: Steps to Get Your Oklahoma Real Estate License

In Oklahoma, there are two (2) license levels for real estate agents (Sales Associates).

  1. Provisional Sales Associate: The Provisional Sales Associate (PSA) license is the entry-level real estate license in Oklahoma and is appropriate for those entering the field for the first time.

  2. Sales Associate: The Sales Associate (SA) license is identical to the Provisional Sales Associate (PSA) license except that a Sales Associate is required to take twenty-one (21) clock hours of continuing education each active license cycle and the SA license is a three-year renewable license whereas the PSA license expires one year after passing the licensing exam.

How to Get a Provisional Sales Associate (PSA) License

To get an Oklahoma real estate license, you must complete the following 5 steps:


  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a person of good moral character
  • Complete the Required Pre-License Education

    Applicants must first complete the 90-Hour Pre-License Course to become a Real Estate Provisional Sales Associate.

  • Pass a Background Check

    Oklahoma requires a national background check with fingerprints for all new licensee applications. The average background check takes 60 days or longer, so it is recommended that students start the process in advance before taking the exam and submitting an application.

  • Submit Your Application to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC)

    All applicants applying for a real estate license will need to complete and submit the required application to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. Application for Sales Associates and Brokers

  • Pass the Oklahoma Real Estate License Exam

    Upon completion of the pre-license courses, schedule an exam at a PSI testing center. The exam fee is $60, and to pass the exam you must score 70% or better.

  • Pay a License Fee to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission

    Complete and submit the Request for Issuance of an Active Provisional Sales Associate or Sales Associate License to OREC along with a license fee of $100.

Details on all aspects of Oklahoma sales associate licensing and requirements can be found at the OREC website.

How to Get Your Real Estate Sales Associate (SA) License

After following the steps to get your PSA license, you must complete the 45-Hour Oklahoma real estate post-license course within the following year. This will allow you to renew your license as a Sales Associate.

How to Get Your License if You Are a Nonresident (Reciprocity)

Nonresident real estate licensees who desire to earn an Oklahoma real estate license are required to take 3 clock-hours of mandatory courses. The 3 clock-hours must be taken on Oklahoma-specific real estate continuing education courses in the subjects of the following:

Nonresident Licensee Course Program

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Oklahoma Real Estate License?

The entire process from taking the required education to receiving your license takes anywhere from 1 to 4 months. Per OREC regulations, all students have 6 months to finish their coursework. Fingerprinting and a background check take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Oklahoma?

The total cost to get your license is roughly $699.00. This includes education fees, application fees, background check fees, and exam fees.

Course Tuition $449.00
Application Fee Provisional Sales Associates: $100.00
Sales Associates: $200
Processing Fee $35.00
Background Check $60.00
Salesperson Exam $60.00
Total $699.00

Oklahoma Real Estate Exam Requirements

The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission administers exams on a regular basis for both the sales associate and broker licensing levels. Visit the OREC website for more detailed information from the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission.

Students have three years to pass the state exam from the time they complete either the Salesperson or Broker licensing courses.

Additional Resources

Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC)

Denver N. Davison Building
1915 North Stiles Avenue, Suite 200
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105-4915

OREC governs all aspects of real estate licensure for both the Sales Associates Brokers. Please visit the OREC website for the latest Oklahoma real estate license requirements and regulations.