How to Get a Colorado Real Estate License

Real Estate License Requirements and Information
How to Get a Colorado Real Estate License in 2020

Steps to Get Your CO Associate Broker's License in 2020

The CREC (Colorado Real Estate Commission) requires completion of the following steps in order to receive an Associate Broker's Real Estate License in the state of Colorado. View the steps below or click the image to help visualize the process. Learn more on the DRE website.

4 Steps Required to Become a Colorado Real Estate Agent

  1. Complete your 168 hours of education from VanEd or another state-certified school. You will receive a certificate of completion (REC-33).
  2. Take and pass both the general and state portions of the Colorado Broker Exam at a PSI test center.
  3. Complete your background check requirement.
  4. Provide proof of Errors & Omissions insurance and complete your license application online.
Please Note:

Completing VanEd’s pre-licensing coursework is the first step toward obtaining your Colorado real estate license. VanEd will provide you all of the information necessary to complete each step in the licensing process.

Prior Qualifications and Professional Experience

The Colorado Real Estate Commission recognizes prior experience and qualifications in real estate and related fields and reduces the licensing education requirements accordingly. Use VanEd's interactive License Finder to easily determine which education program fits your qualifications.

Colorado Real Estate License Exam

The Colorado broker license exam consists of two parts. You will have approximately two hours to complete each part of the exam. The general portion of the exam covers real estate law and practice which is common in most states. The second part of the broker exam is specific to Colorado real estate rules, regulations, and contracts. The test is not open book, and you may not bring anything with you to the test center.

For more information about the exam itself, visit to download the most current Candidate Information Bulletin. This handbook provides you with complete information about the examination and application process. When you are ready to schedule your exam, you will do so on the PSI website. You will need to print out your REC-33 (provided by VanEd) and take it with you to the test center in order to be permitted to take your exam.