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VanEd has partnered with industry leaders to host our highly successful live exam prep crash course. Prepare for the test in person with an experienced instructor and pass your real estate exam!
In this refresher course our instructors will:

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  • Review key topics and concepts covered in your 168-Hour Colorado Real Estate License Course
  • Administer practice questions you may see on your exam
  • Answer any last-minute questions you may have
  • Pass on valuable test taking strategies we've gathered over two decades of preparing students to pass their exam
Student 1 - 0:15

I'm getting ready to take the test here real soon. I kind of struggled here and there with testing online and that sort of thing. So I thought this would be a good way to just prepare and be ready to go because I need to get it done.

Student 2 - 0:27

I came today so I could get more information to help pass my test. I do have test anxiety. So I think this would be a great factor to help me study and get prepared along with all the course content I've been provided.

Student 3 - 0:39

It's good to see what I was comfortable with and what I wasn't. So now I know what to go back and study more of So it's a good mile marker to see where I'm at.

Student 4 - 0:50

I am getting ready to take my test this week. I found in the past that it's always been helpful to me to do some hands on interactive with a live person, ask questions, and listen to other people's questions. I think it's very valuable. And it helps me to solidify the information in my head. So when I'm taking the test, I can refer back to something that I heard.

Student 2 - 1:20

I do feel more confident prepared for the real estate exam. Give me a lot of little insight and tips and tricks that will help me along the way.

Student 1 - 1:27

So I just think the instructors have been really good. The contents been great. The participation with the other students has been great.

Student 4 - 1:33

I just like Sean's positive attitude when I came into the class. She asked me who's ready to take the test? And I said, "Well, I registered. Oh, yeah, I think I liked that. She sets the tone, when we're in here. You know, we're in it to win it."

We have two enrollment options for our Face-to-Face Colorado Real Estate Exam Prep. We have a classroom version that is held on one day for a total of six hours and a webinar version held over two consecutive Saturdays for three hours each session. See below for more information about each option.

Exam Prep Live Class Exam Prep Webinar
Location Live Classroom Setting Online - Live Webinar
Duration One Day - 6 Hours
Two Consecutive Saturdays - 3 hours each
Session 1 - National Real Estate Exam Prep
Session 2 - Colorado Real Estate Exam Prep
Workbook Hard-copy delivered at class Ebook delivered upon course purchase
Students Receive Students receive lunch Students receive a link to both recorded session

This class complements, but does not replace, our full online exam prep. We strongly recommend our Online Colorado Broker Real Estate License Exam Prep Program for any student who has not completed VanEd's full licensing package and is taking the test for the first time.

Colorado Exam Prep Crash Course Schedule

Due to the COVID pandemic, VanEd live classes have been suspended in order to protect our students and instructors.

Online Colorado Exam Prep options are always available.