Texas Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

Texas License Renewal Basics

Texas has a 2-tier real estate continuing education system. To renew your salespersons license the first time, you must fulfill the Salespersons Annual Education (SAE) requirement, which consists of an additional 90 hours of Core real estate courses. You may NOT repeat courses used to satisfy your pre-license requirement.

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Once you have completed your SAE requirement, the next time you renew your Texas real estate license you must fulfill the Continuing Education (CE) requirements, which are found below.

Texas CE License Requirements

You are subject to CE if;

  1. You are a salesperson, not under SAE requirements
  2. You are a broker not exempted in October 1991 by Senate Bill 432

As of 2016, all Texas real estate licensees (who are outside of their QE/SAE period) are required to complete 18 clock hours of continuing education during each license cycle. Of these 18 hours, all licensees are required to take the 4-hour Legal Update 1 course and the 4-hour Legal Update 2 course. The other 10 hours may be in elective topics.

All active brokers are required to complete Continuing Education to renew their license on an active status. As of 2016, the Continuing Education requirement is 18 clock hours – at least 8 of which must consist of the 4-hour Legal Update 1 Course and the 4-hour Legal Update 2 Course – which will satisfy the legal topics hours of continuing education required by Occupations Code §1101.455. Brokers who sponsor one or more salesperson during their current real estate license period (or are a supervisor of a salesperson for a period of at least six months during the broker’s current license period) must take a 6-hour Broker Responsibility Course. This course may be used to satisfy 6 of the 18 hours of required Continuing Education. The remaining 4 hours of your required Continuing Education will consist of elective credit hours.

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Please Note:

Local boards may establish additional Ethics & Professional Standards requirements. You should contact your local board to ensure compliance.

Texas Real Estate Commission

Complete Texas real estate license renewal regulations can be found on the TREC website.