Florida Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

Florida Real Estate License Renewal Basics

Florida has a 2-tier real estate license renewal system for both sales associate and broker licensees (both residential & commercial).

  1. Initial Florida Real Estate License Renewal: For the first renewal period after receiving your real estate license, you are required to complete Post-License education approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). Sales associates must complete 45 credit hours of education and Brokers must complete 60 credit hours of education. The only exemption to Post License education is for those holding a 4-year degree in real estate.

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  2. All Subsequent Florida Real Estate License Renewals: Both sales associates and Brokers are required to complete 14 credit hours of FREC approved continuing education in each real estate license renewal cycle. Of this, 3 credit hours must be approved to cover Florida Core Law topics as defined by FREC. Active Florida Bar members may be exempt from the continuing education requirement - be sure to confirm that the FREC is aware of your bar members.

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IMPORTANT - Course Completion Reporting
CE/Post License will be reported to the DBPR by Florida REALTORS within 30 days of completion, unless coursework is completed within a renewal month (March or September) when the information will be reported to the DBPR within 10 days from the date of completion.

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