Colorado Real Estate License Renewal
Continuing Education Requirements

Important Notice - CE Audits

The CREC (Colorado Real Estate Commission) has issued a notice that continuing education audits are being undertaken. For more information on how to prepare for an audit, please click below.

Full Audit Details

Education Requirements for Renewing a Colorado Real Estate License
(Licenses Expiring in 2018-2019)

Note: For licenses renewed or issued in 2017, which expire prior to 12/31/2020, these rules also apply.

  1. 24 credit hours are required and include a minimum of 12 credit hours of Colorado Real Estate Commission (CREC) Annual Update Courses, which should include three (3) different CREC Annual Update courses. You may not count the same course more than once, and there is no make-up of missed orexpired Update courses. 12 hours of elective credit is also required.
  2. The required 24 hours of education must be completed prior to your real estate license renewal date.
  3. To accommodate licensees during the transition period, licensees may complete two (2) different versions of the Annual Commission Update Course to satisfy the eight (8) hours of mandated education pursuant to section 12-10-213(1)(b), C.R.S. Licensees who choose this option must also complete an additional sixteen (16) hours of elective credit hours to meet the 24-hour total continuing education requirement during the transition period.

To either place your license inactive, or to renew inactive for the next term, you do not need to complete any real estate Continuing Education.

Colorado real estate license renewal requirements

Colorado License Activation for Inactive Licensees

Complete a minimum of 24 hours of Continuing Education during your license cycle using one of the options listed below.

Options for Continuing Education Delinquency

If you have missed an Annual Commission Update course you have the following options to stay compliant:

  1. You may complete the 24-hour Broker Reactivation course (may only be used once every other license cycle) OR
  2. You may also complete the VanEd 72-hour CE "Recovery" Program OR
  3. Take the Colorado state portion of the Real Estate Exam OR
  4. If you have completed the CREC Annual Update course two times in this license cycle (but NOT the current year CREC Update) you may complete the VanEd 16 Hour CE Package

Colorado Real Estate Continuing Education Delinquency Course Options

Course Price Description

This course is accepted once every other license cycle to meet the full 24 hours of Colorado real estate continuing education. The course covers Contracts and Rules, and includes the current CREC Annual Update course.

Note: This course is also used to satisfy the continuing education requirement for licensees who wish to activate or reinstate their license after being inactive or expired 36 months or less and have not maintained their continuing education requirements.


Pre-License coursework that covers Colorado contracts, regulations and closings. Students will be instructed on when to use certain disclosures and the proper use of mandated forms and documentation. Meets all the CE requirements for a Colorado Real Estate Broker's license.

Note: This course is also used to satisfy the continuing education requirement for licensees who wish to activate or reinstate their license after being inactive or expired more than 36 months and have not maintained their continuing education requirements.


This course is made up of practice exams constructed to help you pass the state specific portion of the Colorado state exam, including prorations, closings and contracts.

16-Hour Continuing Education Package $139

This 16 hour renewal package provides you the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to complete your Colorado real estate Continuing Education Requirements.

Affiliated Business Arrangements Disclosure

Licensed Colorado real estate brokers are now required to complete an electronic ABA disclosure. Licensees may use the following link to go directly to the online registration page.

View the ABA Disclosure online >

Fingerprint Based Criminal History Background Check

What Is a Fingerprint Based Criminal History Background Check?

Beginning July 1, 2005, for all brokers licensed prior to July 1, 2004, the licensee was required to complete a finger-print based Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Criminal History Background check. This was a one-time requirement and will not be needed for subsequent renewals.

For licensees activating an inactive or expired license, you will need to complete the background check as part of your renewal, but only if you have never completed it before. You will need to allow at this point up to 6 weeks for completion of the Criminal Background check (estimate subject to change).

What Do Licensed Brokers Need to Do?

You can view the Commission documents with instructions on how to obtain your fingerprint card and detailed instructions at the time you make your application. You can check the status of your submitted fingerprints online by creating an account or logging into your account using the link below.

check the status of your submitted fingerprint information

Affidavit of Eligibility

Required for renewals - Affidavit of Eligibility form is available online. The new law required government agencies issuing licenses to verify that those receiving a license are living in the country legally. Please note that the Division of Real Estate will include the Affidavit of Eligibility verification for those who renew their license online, and no additional paperwork is necessary. You will be asked to submit the ID# of the Secure and Verifiable document you use in support.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

E & O Insurance is mandated by Colorado law, and typically has an enrollment period of January 1st through December 31st of each year regardless of license expiration deadlines!

View the Commission Page online regarding Errors & Omissions Insurance:
Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance independent carriers for Colorado licensees >

You can enroll for the group carrier policy online. Make sure your E & O Insurance enrollment is complete prior to renewing your active license.
Group Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance program for Colorado licensees >

Renew Your License Online

You may renew online at the real estate commission website. You will also be able to view the status of your background check and E & O Insurance once you renew.

Online License Renewal

Please Note: Licensees may renew online beginning 45 days prior to expiration.

Ethics Course Requirement for NAR Members

For all REALTOR® members of NAR, the Quadrennial Ethics training is required.

NAR has mandated that every member shall complete the minimum ethics training requirement, the first time ending December 31, 2004, and again at least once every 4 years thereafter. CAR has made available a 4-hour Mandatory NAR Ethics course so that members may comply with this requirement. VanEd also offers additional Ethics courses that you can select from. NAR has stated that members who do not complete this requirement will be suspended. The current cycle of Ethics Quadrennial requirements is going on now.

The NAR 4-hour mandatory Ethics course is available online and does come with 4 hours of CE credit. You may also complete the 6-Hour Ethics and Professional Practices CE course or any of our other approved Ethics courses to fulfill this requirement. Some local boards establish separate requirements, such as procuring cause coursework, so be sure to check with your board to understand which course you need to take.

Rule B-2. Methods of completing continuing education

Licensed brokers must satisfy the Colorado continuing education requirement before applying to renew an active license, to activate an inactive license or to reinstate an expired license to active status.

Local Boards and Associations can set higher standards than those you see here. Make sure to check with your local Board or Association office to determine any additional coursework you will need to complete.

Available Colorado Continuing Education Courses