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Upgrade Your License to the Employing Broker Level

How to Get a Employing Real Estate Broker License in Colorado

In order to upgrade to the Employing Broker level of authority for the first time, real estate licensees must complete the following steps.

  1. Have at least two (2) years of active real estate experience
  2. Complete the 24-hour Brokerage Administration I Course
  3. Meet the requirements of Colorado RULE A-27 that require earning 50 experience points, which demonstrates knowledge and experience sufficient for the broker to employ and adequately supervise other brokers.

How Do I Earn Experience Points?

RULE A-27 explains the various activities that result in earning experience points. Up to 20 points may be earned through approved continuing education courses completed after January 1, 2018. VanEd offers a number of continuing education options to satisfy this requirement, including the Brokerage Administration I course which is approved to satisfy the full 20 experience points allowed for continuing education.

How to Renew an Employing Real Estate Broker License

Brokers who hold a current and valid broker's license that was issued prior to December 31st, 1996 do not need to meet any further requirements.

If your Employing Broker License was issued prior to January 1st 2018, you must meet ONE of the following experience criteria:

  1. You have held an active employing broker level license for at least two (2) years within the five (5) year period immediately preceding January 1, 2019.
  2. You have completed the Employing Broker Refresher course (offered by VanEd).
  3. You meet the 50 point experience requirement of RULE A-27.

Note: If you were first licensed between January 1st, 2017 and December 31st, 2018, it is very possible that you don't meet either of the experience requirements above (#1 or #3). The Employing Broker Refresher course is then your only option for renewal.

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