Colorado Real Estate Broker Continuing Education Audit

Colorado Real Estate Brokers chosen at random to participate in the real estate license continuing education audit will receive e-mail notification that their license number has been chosen and they need to show proof of compliance. If you receive the notification, you need to follow the instructions outlined in the e-mail and respond as quickly as possible.

The Division of Real Estate conducts random real estate education audits throughout each year to ensure that all licensees are compliant with the continuing education rules.

What Should Colorado Real Estate Brokers Do if They Are Selected for an Audit?

  • Determine that You Have Been Audited

    The Real Estate Commission randomly selects a number of licensees to be part of a Real Estate Broker continuing education audit. Selected licensees must demonstrate compliance for their three-year license period. If you have forgotten your license number there is a good chance you can locate this inside your VanEd student account.

    Am I on the Audit List?

    Login to your DORA licensee account to find out.

  • Verify Your Compliance

    Simply log in to your student account and then click the "Completed Courses" tab on the top of the page. On that page you will be able to see your completed real estate license CE courses. You will need to examine the dates of completion to find the 24 hours of education that was completed during the audit period.

  • Gather your Certificates

    VanEd course certificates are always available online at no additional charge. On your completed courses page you will find all of your course completion certificates from any VanEd course. You can choose to open them in a PDF or they will open in a new browser window (html). Print the necessary certificates directly from our site.

    We are aware that sometimes you take courses from other providers. While you can upload your course information to the VanEd site to verify compliance (see "License Renewal" under your home tab) we do not store copies of these certificates. You will need to locate your copy of those certificates or contact those providers to have replacement copies issued.

  • Respond to the Audit

    Supply your certificates to the Division of Real Estate (DRE). If you receive an audit compliance worksheet from the DRE, return that as quickly as possible. The notice you receive will indicate the best way for you to send your course completion certificates them to the DRE. You may also mail your real estate license CE course completion certificates verifying your compliance to:

    Division of Real Estate
    1560 Broadway, Suite 1550
    Denver, CO 80202
    Re: RE CE Audit

  • Relax!

    You have successfully completed a real estate license continuing education audit!

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