Part 2 of 2: Responsibilities of a Commercial Real Estate Broker

By VanEd | August 27, 2014

In Part 1 we discussed the types of services performed by commercial real estate professionals. In Part 2 we will look at specific tasks a commercial real estate broker can expect to perform.

Commercial Real Estate is an exciting and rewarding field of study and can lead to dozens of different career opportunities. Whether someone is starting their first small business, developing a parcel of land, or considering an investment in real estate rather than an investment in a mutual fund or money market, the understanding of commercial real estate is fundamental to their decisions.

To begin your career in this sector of the industry you’ll need to understand exactly what you’re selling, how it is priced, how it is financed and what legal documents must be used to convey the sale or lease. Let's begin introducing you to the key elements necessary to be successful in commercial real estate.

You will need to examine the diverse forms that commercial property takes and the important terms used by those in the field to explain and understand a type of property. Next you will need to explore the different methods of determining value in the eyes of property users, investors, real estate professionals and appraisers. You will also need to learn how commercial real estate can be financed and how it may be leased. There is also a need to perform an examination of the legal documents including listing contracts, sales agreements and lease contracts.

Your responsibilities as a commercial real estate professional include:

For Sellers or Property Owners:

For Buyers, Tenants or Investors:

For both Sellers / Owners and Buyers / Investors:

Commercial Real Estate Professionals can be rewarded for their quality work and adherence to ethical standards. Learning the fundamental methods and tools used are critical to the success of both the professional and their clients.

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