Spring Reminder: It's time to update your Marketing Plan

It's time to revisit marketing plans again!

If you didn't sit down in December to create your annual marketing plan, then now is the time. As the Spring market season quickly approaches agents should be getting ready now for what we hope is the busy season just ahead.

Do not worry about market forecasts or interest rates or even company advertising bills as you sit down to start planning. Instead, focus on what you can do to increase your personal traffic. Focus on your direct expenses and don't worry about indirect expenses that arise out of any given transaction. (Why not worry? Expenses are bad!) While you can save for a rainy day, you can't determine what calamity will befall any given transaction in advance, so planning for it won't help. Besides, we're looking for a positive year!

Clear some time in your schedule at the office. Don't plan in front of the TV while watching a congressional hearing or 30 Rock or even The Office. I assure you that your mood will be affected by any of those shows, and when planning it is best to keep an open mind to help you set some realistic goals and schedules. Another good reason to do this at the office is so that if you need help identifying what you did last year or the year before, you will be where the files are. Easy access to records will help speed up this process.

Now begin planning!

Sounds easy, but isn't. There are a variety of good resources out there that will help you get started. Programs such as Act! offer tools to help agents be more productive. I suggest that you start by reading a little bit on planning and goal setting, and Realtor Magazine Online has some good suggestions on where to start. You can read the article 8 Step personal marketing plan online. There are also links there that will show you sample plans and give you tips on Niche marketing and other areas that you may want to focus on. It's a good place to start, and now is the time.

Need a coaching program? Kelle Sparta of Sparta Success Systems offers an online coaching program that will help you identify your goals and plan and get you going.

Written and Published by: VanEd

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